Hidden Light of Shabbath

Автор: Glazerson, Matityagu


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Номер по каталогу: 04109000
Год издания: 2008
Cтраниц: 303
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Language: Russian
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In this book by means of Gemmatry three verses of a Torah which are said in Kidush in evening of Saturday are investigated, and also their connection with Shabbath and Creation is considered.


The principles of gematria
Tree of Life

Hidden Light Sabbath

Pronouncing "has been completed and the creation of the heavens and the earth ..." promotes redemption and forgiveness of sins
Thirty-five words of the verse, "And it was completed the creation of the heavens and the earth ..." and thirty-five verses in the story of the Creation of the World
In this verse, the final story of the Creation - forty nine letters
Three verse thirty-five words one hundred forty-four letter in the verse, "And it was completed the creation of the heavens and the earth ..." (Bereshit (Genesis) 2:1-3)
The Jews (Judah), Yehuda, Malchut, Shabat
Sabbath - the source of humility ("poverty") and humility, the hallmark of a Jew
Seven and five, satiety and fun in St. Shabbat
Sabbath - the source of knowledge and ideas
Saying the (se) and (LAT) is a disclosure Sefirot the Malchut (Kingdom) and Holy Sabbath
Small gematria named Moshe is 12
Twelve - the number associated with the sanctity of Shabbat
Yehudi - the letters yud, hei of the Name of Gd
144 words Jlexa Dodi and their consistency with 144 letters of verse, "And the ending was the creation of the heavens and the earth .. '
In the evening Kiddush for Sabbath - 72 words
Shabbat - the basis of integrity and wholeness - is Jewish life
Israel - the partner and companion Sabbath of Creation of the Universe
Shabbat-power the world was, which was based on six days
Shabbat gives shape to the material world
Shabbat - the day when the soul tends to its highest istochniku.Klyuchevye words encoded in the verse, "And it was completed the creation of the heavens and the earth ..."
(Ner "candle")
27 Hebrew letters including the final form
72, the numerical value of the Name of Gd, is connected with the world of Atzilut
Six and nine - numbers representing Sefira Yesod related to Shabat
The foundation of the Jewish home depends on the Sabbath
The sanctity of the holiness of Jerusalem and Shabat
Sanctity Sabbath - base the relationship between man and woman
The letters of the word "Shabbat" - ll-e /, hint at the fact that the highest light opens a Jewish woman on the Sabbath
Holy fire on Shabbat Jewish soul
In the light of revealed truth Shabbat
Light the three patriarchs drop down in the Jewish soul on Shabbat
Jewish unity - one of the special forces Shabat
Bris and Shabat
"And it was completed the creation of the heavens and the earth ..."
Number Seven in Saturday prayers
The desire of the soul to union with Gd on the Sabbath
Disclosure of the Sabbath thirteen attributes charity
The numbers that are multiples of seven - in Saturday's prayers
The mystery of verses, words and letters in Lecha Dodi
Shabbat - a combination of austerity and charity
Deliverance of the Jewish people because of Sabbath observance
Three Sabbath meals and their compliance with the three patriarchs
Mystery number seventy and holiness Shabat
Sanctity of Shabbat - against Amalek
"... Were the sixth day. Have completed the creation of the sky ... "
Saturdays concepts expressed in the codes of the Torah
Israel at intervals of seven letters
Israel intervals fifty letters
ner, "candle" with the letter slots 42
ish, "man" and lvk (isha, "woman") at intervals of 26 letters.
Shabbat Saturday from 9 letters interval
Shabbat, Saturday 52 letter interval
Shabbat, Saturday from 60 intervals of letters
Shabbat, Saturday 73 letter interval
shalom, "peace" with the letter spacing 34
bytes, "house" with an interval 13 letters
ora, "light" and the op, "light" with an interval of three letters
op, "light" with the letter spacing thirty nine
Kedem, "before" with the letter spacing forty three
lion, "heart" with an interval fourteen letters
lion, "heart" with an interval of six letters
Keter, the Crown intervals six letters
lol (brit, "union, the covenant") at intervals of thirteen letters
el, "fire" with the letter spacing one .......................
ayir'a, "fear" with an interval of two letters
The letters of the word (Genesis, "In the Beginning ..."), as components of the expression
Emet, "truth" with every five letters

The mystic glory Sabbath

The uniqueness of Sabbath
Fear Shabat
Shabbat and remorse
The mathematical definition of Sabbath
A special gift of Shabbat
Arsenal Shabat
The pleasure of Sabbath

A wonderful letter
Properties Shabat
Shabbat - spiritual healer
Preparing for Shabat
Shabbat and the sanctity of royal power
Shabat and Deliverance
Shabbat and song
The seeds of humility, faith and peace

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