History of the Jewish People. From the Talmudic Age to the Emancipation. Textbook For Middle School Age

јвтор: Shavit, Sh.

»здательство: Alia



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Ќомер по каталогу: 09540002
√од издани€: 1993
Cтраниц: 232
ISBN: 965-320-264-2
Weight: 0.50 kgs
Translated by: Jidkova, E.
Editor: Rodionova, E.
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 17x2x24


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From the Publisher

The history of the Jewish people - one of the oldest nations in the world - has four millennia. This story is unusual: we do not know of another example, whenever the people who had lost their statehood, scattered around the world, two thousand years lived outside of their historical homeland, nevertheless managed to remain one people and after two thousand years of scattering newly created state in their ancient land.

Studying the history of his people - a necessary element in the formation of personality and outlook of the person. In the modern era - the era of the emergence of nation-states - the study of history became particularly important, because it awakens in people a sense of belonging to a national variety and unity with him.

In view of the special political conditions of the Jewish people was otrvannoy from its historical roots and cultural heritage. Many of the gap seemed irreversible: the main link was lost - the transfer of knowledge, which ensures the continuity of generations in the national culture. Thus, the Jewish students studied the history of many people - especially those among whom they lived - but not the history of his people. In school history books of the Jews was not mentioned (in spite of the significant contribution they have made to the material and spiritual culture of the countries where they lived); textbooks on ancient history of Judah and Israel did not exist.

But here's the political situation has changed. And it turned out that the incredible opportunities that broken chain can be linked, evidence of this - the beginning of the revival of national consciousness among the Jews, first isolated from the rest of the Jewish world.

The first sign of this revival - the emergence of Jewish schools in the CIS countries.

Before you - the second part of the textbook "The History of the Jewish People" which has been published by publishing house "Library-Alia". As the first part, it is based on history textbooks, prepared by the Division of curricula of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Israel.

In the first part of the book outlines the history of the Jewish patriarchs from the period of the era before the Bar Kochba revolt. This is the time when the Jewish people living in their homeland, the Land of Israel.

The second part is devoted to the last two millennia of our history, and it is mainly the history of the Diaspora (dispersion). As mentioned above, two thousand years of persecution, expulsions and pogroms were unable to break the collective will of the Jewish people to the existence, to repay his creative energy.

Our textbook is provided with abundant quotations from written sources: the Tanakh, the Gospels, the Koran, official letters and decrees, letters, diaries, memoirs of individuals

As an illustration, it is widely used photos of non-written sources, buildings, archaeological finds, works of fine art from different eras.

In the book a lot of historical maps that allow to visualize the course of historical process at different times and in different countries.

This tutorial is intended for students grades 7-8 (at the discretion of the teacher). Attached is the "Teacher's Guide" contains guidelines and additional material on the topics studied.

At the end of the textbook placed a list of books "Youth Series," is published by the "Library-Alia". A number of books on this list can be successfully used by students as an additional literature.

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