Honey and Tears

Автор: Beregovsky, Moisey

Издательство: Jewish Community of St.Peterburg



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Номер по каталогу: 16029000
Год издания: 2007
Cтраниц: 180
ISBN: 978-57331-0364-8
Weight: 0.53 kgs
Translated by: Yasnov, Michael
Editor: Frenkel, Alexander
Language: Russian, Yiddish
Cover: hardcover
Format: 17x2x23



This unique book includes a 25 folk songs - lyrical , domestic, satirical, and for children - from the collection of outstanding Jewish musicologist and folklorist Moses Beregovsky ( 1892-1961 ) . Original lyrics in Yiddish accompany their poetic translations into Russian. Attached are musical notations and that provides an opportunity not only to read the texts, but , if desired, to sing them. Exquisite illustrations give a special touch to this edition .


Does the nature of poetry, not for reading ? Yes. For example , folk poetry, that is, the texts of folk songs. They - not for reading, and for singing and listening. This, of course , does not mean that the listener does not perceive the song lyrics . Simply, he perceives it differently - not reading and hearing , and the indispensable unity with the music. Therefore, it is unclear how of folk songs to make a book , especially if it is not a special edition for folklorists , and publications intended for the general reader .

The book " Honey and tears" , the Jewish Community Center of St. Petersburg brilliantly solved the seemingly unsolvable problem . If you can not listen to the song , they can be considered . To light a surprising edition combines the advantages of several different books. This book is excellent translation Yasnova Michael and Helen Bayes , designed for the "ordinary" reader. This collection of original texts in Yiddish and note records to them , which is typical for professional folklore collection . It is, finally , amazing graphics Gennady Karabinskaya which turns the book into an art book . But most importantly , pictures Karabinskaya replace missing artist - thanks to these drawings book begins visually "sound" . If we add to all listed yet and immaculate design and careful editorial preparation of this edition of the busy , the book becomes strongly criticized not for that. But you can praise her long and without the slightest twinge of conscience .

Saying what the new book , I want to stress , what it is not . " Honey and tears" definitely not "ethnic souvenir ." Translations are not trying to be " graceful " originals , the artist draws rude shtetl Jews . This book - not a eulogy and not a monument , but a good-natured cast disappeared , but still tangible everyday. From this collection breathes simplicity , serenity and warmth that immediately lost all desire to talk " about the fate of the Jewish people ." But there is a desire to understand what is sung in the Jewish song lyric .
All about the same . About my favorite . That promised to marry but dropped out. About separation. About the evil mother-in . About doghouse husband. About children . About any nonsense . Such texts are bribed not novelty, but rather recognition. Even reading them for the first time , you feel that something familiar and reread favorite.

Could be looking at this book , to speculate on how the Jewish influenced song on the formation of the Jewish modernist poetry. How much every song is guessed or Slavic -German motives. Where and how are hidden biblical and Talmudic allusions. It would be possible , but not desirable. You just want to enjoy the book, enjoy it - and all.

In essence , the Jewish folk culture - the culture of small towns and city suburbs , middle-class culture in the strict sense of the word ( from the Polish "place" - the city ) . Main urban genre , in this case the Jewish street - this is a sensitive , sentimental and sometimes cruel romance . Bitter sweet life and fiction. Bitter sweet honey and tears .

( Author - director of " Petersburg Judaica ", St. Petersburg )
Valery Dymshits
Honey and tears : Heb . cum. songs from the collection of Moses Beregovsky / Per. Yiddish E. Bayes and M. Yasnova ; artist. G. Karabinskaya . - St. Petersburg. Heb . communities. center of St. Petersburg , 2007 . - 180 s . : Il. , Notes. 500 copies .


Word - the translator of the book Michael Yasnov

Among the old Jewish songs sounded once in the south- west of the Russian Empire, Ukraine and Belarus , there was one rather popular , although quite short - maybe not so much a song as a touching lyrical dialogue :
"Tell me , my dear, - ask - Jewish girl sings , - tell me, dear, will you write letters ? When I think you're leaving , I'm losing my senses. " And her lover replies, " If my fingers become feathers, if my heart would be paper, if my eyes become inkwells , I'll write to you ."

What an amazing response ! Itself - a wonderful , unique poetic image that turns flesh and soul into one whole, and that whole - a letter of love. But there is in this response and disturbing uncertainty expressed by the word "if" ... And if you will not ? Is this possible? The whole experience of being human tells us : "It is possible ! Of course, maybe ! " But , listening to love the roll of two voices , we're confidently answer : no , it is impossible ! The only answer and only such - and fingers become the feathers , and the heart becomes paper, and from his eyes tears will flow , will flow and become invisible to the world of ink, which are written in love and parting ...
Jewish songs in Yiddish has become a literary and musical monument - the twentieth century managed to both the east and west and begin the destruction of the people, and its folklore. If not for the experience and dedication of collectors , little would we know today about these amazing songs , which you can see the fate of the persecuted and sorrowful , funny and winning all the hardships people.
Among researchers of Jewish folklore holds a special place eminent musicologist Moses Beregovskiy Yakovlevich ( 1892-1961 ) . In his archives , in addition to such monuments of folk art , such as Purimshpils or instrumental ( Clezio - Maersk ) Music, preserved and set them collected folk songs - lyrical , domestic, satirical, and children . In our book includes only a small part of the recordings made by Moses Jakovlevichem in 1920 - 1930 's, but we have tried to include her in such of them , which would represent a wide genre repertoire and , at the same time , were able to convey to the reader of today and listener live intonation heroes and singers .

Translate song lyrics - a complicated and sometimes thankless . Where it has been possible , we have kept the rhythmic and prosodic features and characteristics of the originals. But when translated from Yiddish into Russian language like is not always possible . The song sounds in a special way , the sounds of words and music merge into one, painted a distinct national co- pppytpm - it sounds like it is only as conceived by its creator as it sang executive Tel . But the interpreter always want to have to show in their native language as beautiful or unusual sounds in the original text to be translated ! Show his spirit and not the letter . !

Therefore, our translations are and poetic , and please agree . To those who ( want to understand how these songs sounded at its birth , facing the second half of the bilingual publication - the texts in their original language . Appendix contains and musical notations , so that all lovers of Jewish folk songs and can read them , and, if desired sing , and hopefully experience in translating their identity.

Of course, this unity - language, text and music - it would not be complete without the same scale, which gives the book its design . Designed our book - and in many respects invented - artist Gennady Karabinskaya Abramovich . Participated in many exhibitions around the world, including personal , Gennady Carbine deep -sky , quirky and at the same time entertaining is the "Jewish spirit" in today's painting and drawing.

Theme of his works, he defines as: "I want to talk about the Jews not only for Jews , but for all who can see , feel, think and experience . I do not want to talk about exclusivity - I just want to tell everyone that hundreds of people are a people , ^ who loves running, builds dreams . The people who created the Bible , which is burned in the gas chambers - this is no need to cry , it's just impossible to forget . "

Gennady Karabinskaya outlined the way in which the reader can go to each of our books . Let's get together - see, feel , think and experience . And one more thing : to hear the voices that cry out to us from, in fact, quite recent past.

Past it demands to be preserved and not forgotten . With me this book translated Elena Bayes - granddaughter of Moses Jakovljevic Beregovskogo . Unconditional participant in the creation of the book , our consultant and assistant , and was the daughter of Moses Jakovljevic - Ed Moiseevna . And, of course , this book would never have seen the light in the form in which it appears before you today , no employees of the Jewish Community Center of St. Petersburg , their passion , knowledge and labor.
Folklore collectors , its translators and interpreters play a discreet but important role . They - the guardians of culture. Today it is more important than ever . And keeping - we will find the opportunity to revitalize and bring to our descendants the priceless images of Jewish folklore :

If my fingers become the feathers ...
If my heart would be paper ...
If my eyes become inkwells ...

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