How to Run a Traditional Jewish Household

Автор: Greenberg, Blu

Издательство: Gesharim



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Год издания: 1998
Cтраниц: 456
ISBN: 5-93273-094-3
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Language: Russian
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2nd edition 

The book about practice of a religious life and observance of tradition in modern world.

In modern America traditional Jewry is presented in all variety. It both traditional Chassids, and antiZionists, and feminists of the left sense. There will be also is moderate-traditional modern orthodoxes, and coming back to belief "baaley tshuva", and spiritual neo-kabbalists. But what various was modern American Jewry, in the majority it all the same ranks itself as official institutes of orthodox sense. That is why also I in this book alternate such concepts, as "traditional" and "orthodox".
Notwithstanding a huge variety which occurs in the environment of traditional or orthodox judaism, there is also that certainly unites all us, is a unshakable faith in God Which proves in history; in the God Who bestowed to us a Torah and has enjoined to conduct the certain way of life. And this way of life means observance of Saturday and feasts, a daily pray, a nurture according to laws of "kashrut" and strictly certain rules in all volume, as to morals and private life. Especially the great value is given to studying of a Torah and formation of rising generation. All this together taken, also distinguishes the traditional jewish house from any another.
But also it is only insignificant part of the general picture wherefore exists
And weight of other differences. They can be less obvious and is much more difficult give in to the description. Them all is difficult to define and nevertheless these characteristic features in many respects and define a specific way of life of orthodox Jewry.
One of such features - indissoluble communication with the community. Orthodox jews well understand, that without the settled cenobitic institutes it is much more difficult to observe a traditional way of life.
And one more indispensable feature of the traditional jewish house is a strong unity of all members of family. The significant part of family pastime is connected with performance of the sacramentals ordered by tradition. The typical orthodox family in common celebrates all house ceremonials and together marks all events in a life of a synagogue and a community.
And needless to say, that thus private affairs are removed on the second plan and completely submit to requirements of family and tradition. I consider, that such requirement indirectly contributes in education at children of the valid attitude not only to parents, but also to public institutes of authority.
It naturally assumes also the important role of parents in educational process, that in itself in many respects defines also mutual relations in family.
That not only the essence, but also practice of orthodox judaism in the certain measure minister protection against importunate influence of modern vital values is important also. Traditional Jewry did not come off the roots and thus has kept indissoluble communication with system of moral values of former epoch. That is why the attitude of the orthodox jew to such questions as the use of drugs, antenuptial and illegitimate sexual communications, a pornography and an alcoholism, many will find simply old-fashioned that will be conceived as the present compliment.
It is necessary to tell and about one more distinctive feature of orthodox judaism in which, perhaps, and consists weigh its sense, - about this not passing feeling of tradition and sensation of history which totals according to the most conservative estimates more than three and a half of millenaries…

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