Improvement and Spiritualization of Thought. Look to the road of righteousness.

јвтор: Brodkin, Arye



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√од издани€: 2014
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ISBN: 978-965-7392-61-4
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Book by a religious figure and a researcher of the mind, consciousness and spiritual processes - Arie Brodkin. It is devoted to the improvement of thinking, as well as, to a certain extent, "above thoughts" processes and relations between the spiritual, mental, emotional and "material."

Exercises and techniques presented in the book, with a serious and sincere attitude to them will give a lot of amazing opportunities to improve both: internal and external peace. 

Since the book gives the names of God and excerpts from sacred texts, it should be treated accordingly. In the case of it becoming unusable, it requires burial in Geniza. Techniques and exercises from the book should not be done in the wrong places for the sublime lessons, particularly in places with an unpleasant odor, etc. 

The book is not a source of religious law (Halacha).

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