Inconvenient Questions for Conveniently Settled Jews

јвтор: Kachane, Meir, r.



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Meir Kachane touches the most sensitive nerves of the Jewish liberals, who preferring to trust, that judaism and sionism are compatible to liberal ideas.

In the book " Awkward questions for sitting comfortably Jews" Meir Kahane affects the most sensitive nerves of Jewish liberals , who prefer to believe that Judaism and Zionism are compatible with liberal ideas .

The author sets these painful questions :
* If a Jewish and Zionist state of Israel was created in order to give the Jews a homeland guaranteed a permanent Jewish majority and Jewish sovereignty in this case, whether the Arabs the right to peaceful and democratic means to become a majority and turn Israel into an Arab country ?
* If the answer is "no" if it is not contrary to the electoral law of Western democracy , according to which one man has one vote ?
* Is the Zionism , which requires a Jewish majority , at odds with Western democracy , which requires direct power of the majority , regardless of who is this majority ?
* Can any Jewish leader or an ordinary Jew to give the young Jew is a logical explanation as to why he should not marry a non-Jew ? Can he give him a logical explanation though as to why it is necessary to be a Jew , and not just a " human being " ?
* Is Israel a Jewish state , or is it evreyskoyazychnoe state of the Western type, in which the secular youth do not have the slightest idea of ​​what a Jew , and wants to move to the decadent West?
* How many Arabs sit in the Knesset will be in ten years? After twenty years? Will they become the majority and vote for the elimination of Israel?
* Is it important to these questions?
* Are they interesting to anyone?

These are just some of the challenging questions asked by the Kahane. It is for this reason that the Jewish leaders have taken all that we can to make this book never came out and Jews do not read it .

Indeed, this is awkward questions - and offers a Jewish Rabbi Kahane answers. The ideas in this book , and the language in which they appear , are far from the " politically correct ™» and "moderation ." The author is not trying to sound "good" in the eyes of someone else , because ultimately puts one question : the survival of the Jews.

Rabbi Meir was killed Nov. 4, 1990 . His son Benjamin and his wife were shot Dec. 31, 2000 . Several leaders of the Jewish Defense League and Kach Movement died under mysterious circumstances.


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