Israel and Humanity

јвтор: Polonsky, Pinchas

»здательство: Machanaim



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√од издани€: 2010
Cтраниц: 256
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Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
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. Variants structure of the state - religious approach.The religious significance of non-religious Jews.Hanukkah, Adam, secular new year and how they are relatedZionism as a challenge to traditional Judaismand much more ...based on the lectures p. Uri ShirkySeries: Modern problems in the light of the teachings of Judaism r.KukaPart 1Today in Israel, Jewish life and religion are being upgraded and developed with great speed. Being inside the flow of events, we are not always aware of the direction of its movement - and therefore from time to time, we should look around and try to understand how the picture changes around us.The purpose of the existence of Israel - to pave the way for humanity to God to give him the divine light. The process of transferring humanity Jewish religious ideas are more than two thousand years, and today the return of the Jews from the Exile and the creation of Israel marked the beginning of an important new stage in the process.How are we to understand this process? Where is our place in it? How can we promote? We have no ready answers to these questions. But we should try to take a new look at many of the classical ideas of Judaism and try to find them an appropriate response to the challenge of the era.Rabbi Uri Amos Shirky - Rabbi of the synagogue "Beit Yehuda" in Jerusalem and head of the Hebrew and French offices of the Jerusalem yeshiva "Machon Meir."Born in Algeria in 1959, shortly after his family moved to France, where he received basic religious and secular education, and then immigrated to Israel in 1972Received a rabbinical education in the famous Yeshiva Merkaz ha-Rav, student district. TS.-Y. Cook, p. Y.-L. Ashkenazi (Manitou) and p. SH.-B. Ashlag. Author of books on contemporary Jewish issues, as well as comments on "Eight Heads" Maimonides and other Jewish classical sources.Leader of "Brit Olam" - "Judaism for Sons of Noah."He lives in Jerusalem.

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