Jewish Body - Jewish Encounters

јвтор: Konner, Melvin

»здательство: Knijniki



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Ќомер по каталогу: 09158017
√од издани€: 2012
Cтраниц: 352
ISBN: 978-5-7516-1011-1
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Translated by: Levin, E.
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 13x2x21


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The Jews called the people of the Book, but they are also called the people of the body, and in the most important Jewish books for centuries been actively discussed various issues related to the body, how can it be, and how to modify, how to take care of the body, how to reproduce it, how to meet the immediate needs organism as a thank and praise God for the many physical origin and how to deal with the body when these items will cease. The Hebrew Bible contains a number of statutes relating to the body, and the twenty centuries of rabbinic interpretations repeatedly multiplied the set of such laws. During this time, the Jewish body, especially the former strong and warlike, and significantly weakened odryablo, but then came a time when it is regained, and the strength and militancy. And this transformation of the body was important implications for the fate of the Jewish people.

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