Jewish Questions. Volume 2. Outlook of Judaism



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Номер по каталогу: 04120002
Год издания: 1997
Cтраниц: 48
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Editor: Goldenberg, Itshak
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
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Whether the philosophical approach to studying Judaism is possible?
Revelation and reason - antagonism or unity?
Divine revelation and its forms.
Essence of belief.
Brochure 2

This booklet 2. Issue One - a series of brochures "Jewish question." Each booklet has a number when its circulation gets going, will be released in the second edition, in which the liner will be given a supplement to the first issue, on the basis of letters from readers, and also these letters.
Offered to your attention Brochure 2 consists of four dialogues. That dialogue, rather than debates, because the sides - not adversaries, in a dispute, each defending its position, namely the sides willing to deal with issues of interest to them. And the fact that one of them only come to the "minefield" of new and difficult problems for him, and the second took place on the field much of the way - makes it possible to engage in productive dialogue.
Of course, the dialogue does not claim to be comprehensive, and full disclosure of the issues raised: they are complex and fundamental. Those readers who have a desire to get more information, please write to us, then we will contact you and together we'll decide when and how to satisfy your questions.

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