jewish Questions. Volume 4. What is Gerush and Transfer



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Год издания: 2005
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Editor: Goldenberg, Itshak
Language: Russian
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According to the materials of the Tanakh

Brochure 4

Dear Readers:
Problems Gerush and transfer, especially in recent times, it is extremely relevant, very active discussion to cause heated debate. Unfortunately, the parties to the controversy, as a rule, is not clear and not well imagine what, in fact, is at stake. Know the rule: chattering, before and above all, be sure to agree on the identity, the identity of used their understanding of terms, concepts, otherwise the discussion will not be confused.
No need to explain the primacy of the study and understanding of the roots, the origins of the problem and its terminology, as well as the fact that we, the Jews, we find it in great Torah. Our goal - to provide you read texts from the Tanakh, which is described Gerush and is an example of a transfer, as well as explanations of Jewish sages and scientists - researchers cited texts. In addition to two short articles Introductions are only specified materials.
Booklet 4 contains only some excerpts from the book "Conversations on Jewish history. Gerush and transfer", which can appeal to all who wish to further explore the matter under consideration.
To facilitate the work will help readers new translation of the Tanakh, more fragments characteristic of the Russian language. However, to give readers a proper understanding of many of the terms of the Tanakh, we had to give them a transliteration, transcription and at times, introducing such characters as Mr., apostrophes and b, for the translation of these words lose their meaning contained. Sometimes words are true in their writing - otherwise it was not possible to reveal their meaning.
To the same end attached alphabetical dictionary of names and concepts.

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