Jewry of a Torah and the State Israel

јвтор: Gitlin, A.



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Ќомер по каталогу: 09252000
√од издани€: 1996
Cтраниц: 62
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Translated by: Zidman, Pinchos
Editor: Wasserman, Tsvi
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 14x1x22


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This brochure is called to untangle a ball of ideas and emotions concerning Jewry of a Torah to sionism and to the State Israel. Questions examined in it - not political and not historical. They concern to bases of the Jewish outlook, to bases of belief, to definition of essence of people of Israel, a Torah, exile and disposal, Mashiah. Only the Torah-wisdom most Ѕ-ra can be criterion of the validity of ideas and opinions. Without it the limited human reason will make only phantoms: sweet dreams (our judgements) or awful nightmares (judgement of our opponents).

First of all this brochure is intended for those who already observes a Torah. But also people who consider themselves as atheists, and other supporters of "free-thinking" will take from it a lot of benefit for themselves if will manage to refuse ordinary cliches and labels and, even for a while, will leave an addiction to be called, not reflecting about read through.


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