Jews and Judaism

Автор: Ben-Efraim, Aryeh

Издательство: Chamah



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Номер по каталогу: 04021000
Год издания: 1993
Cтраниц: 416
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Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 15x3x23




This book is designed for beginners and for those seeking to enrich their knowledge of Judaism.

According to our tradition, one should live by the teachings of Torah and our sages at all times, in any place on earth he may find himself. This book covers a wide spectrum of topics, including the uniqueness of the Jewish people, its faith and philosophy, its practices and tradition, its holidays, the glory of Sabbath, the differences of the Jewish calendar, a Jewish holiday calendar through the year 2005, and the passing down of our tradition from generation to generation beginning with Moses, which accompanies the individual from birth until 120 years.

A specific chapter is dedicated to the explanation of 200 terminologies and definitions of Jewish education.

We attempted to follow from knowledge to faith and from faith to observance, because our religion combines faith and action – faith which takes into account every aspect of a human being’s life; his personal life as an individual, and as part of the entire Jewish nation.

This book is based on original sources such as Tanach, Talmud, Midrash and Chassidic teachings, as well as a number of articles which were written by renowned religious philosophers, and other philosophers of our time. Certain articles are based on the chapter of the week.

We believe this book will result in a deeper acceptance of our Jewish traditions, and will strengthen in the reader his bond with Jewish history and the source of his people.

We express our gratitude to the distinguished Rabbi Shalom S. Giladi, and his consultants who were an immense help in publishing this work.

We welcome readers’ comments and opinions on the contents of this book.
10th day of Shvat 5754
February 1994

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