Jews, God and History

Автор: Daymont, M.

Издательство: Gesharim



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Номер по каталогу: 09012200
Год издания: 2009
Cтраниц: 570
ISBN: 978-5-93273-301-2
Weight: 0.65 kgs
Translated by: Nudelman, R.
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 15x3x22


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The popular story about the Jewish history since its first centuries and before declaration of the state Israel.

Max Daymont talks about Jewish history in a form acceptable to the secular reader , at the same time not compromising high religious significance permeating every page of the story and is inextricably linked to her . In laying out some facts , events , ideas , talking about historical figures , the author does not lose sight of Jewish history in general as a backdrop against which the story unfolds . It allows the reader to not only experience the tragedy and majesty of distant events , but also to understand the meaning of these events in their historical connection complete .

As a result, created a large-scale picture of the " Jewish spirit of adventure ," the greatness and the irony of a Jewish " human comedy ."

table of contents

from the Publisher
Preface to the Russian edition
It was the only time in history!
I. Portable God
1.Velikoe vision
2 . difficile prophet
.5 . The judges, kings and usurpers
4.Religiya packaging
II. The period of " apikorsim "
5 . Charming and seductive culture
6. The fight , which ended in defeat
7. Rome, Caesarism and rebellion
8. boarded coffin
9. The victorious word
10 . "New Deal" for the Diaspora
III. Moses , Jesus and Caesar
11. Messiah and His Apostle
12. Church - winner
IV. The invisible world of the Talmud
13. aristocratic yeshiva
14. Talmudic biblioskleroz
V. Muhammad , Allah and Elohim
15. History makes a pilgrimage to Mecca
16. Jewish renaissance under the sign of the crescent
17. The emergence and decline of the Jewish Protestantism
VI. The Emperor and the yellow star
18. The Crusades , revival , reformation
19. Symphony violence
20. Yellow Badge of Courage
21. The capitalist of the ghetto
22. Kabbalah and kinanhora
VII. On the waves of new "isms"
23. "Anatomy " emancipation
24. rehearsal of racism
25. The new education
26. Eastern Europe: a new humanism
27. United States: The New Babylon
28. Killer in brown shirts
29. The will to win : from the emergence of Zionism
before the establishment of the State of Israel
VIII. Epilogue: The cultural mosaic
30 . Banished to freedom
The application. The recent history of Palestine / Israel

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