Journey to the Top of Har Sinay

Автор: Noigershel, M., r.

Издательство: Irgun Siuha LHinuch



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Номер по каталогу: 03047200
Год издания: 2010
Cтраниц: 180
Weight: 0.45 kgs
Translated by: Zidman, Pinchas
Editor: Rabin, Arye-Lev; Yoffe, Ella Ruchama
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 16x2x24


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This book - a direct continuation of the first book - "A Journey into the depths of Being." We discussed it the basis of the Jewish faith - the recognition of the fact that the world has a Creator, there is purpose and meaning, and the fact that the Creator has given us a guide that explains what people should do in the world, a sort of "instructions for use," which each manufacturer shall attach to its product. The second trip will show us that the Torah of Israel and there is a book-guide in question. We ask you, dear reader, start reading, turn to the preface of the book "Journey into the depths of Being" - said there applies to our topic.

Researcher and Rav conduct their discussion in the same style and on the same basis - the logic continues to govern them.

The author does not set itself the task set out in it all we know about the subject. We focus on the logic that underlies every proof and evidence of themselves give only a few examples of each type. If you are interested in deepening their knowledge in this area, it can refer to authoritative sources - today there is extensive literature and recordings of many lectures on these topics. Proof system in full lead the seminars, which were widely known in the Land of Israel and other countries. At these seminars, held all over the world in different languages, are engaged in detailed discussion of the evidence the truth of the Torah.

In certain cases, we will refer you to the sources from which you can gather additional information on this issue. Known Torah Sages have read the book, we offer you today, and expressed their wishes for what the author wishes to thank them.


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