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The book "Judaism" traces the birth, growth and development of the beliefs, teachings and practices of Judaism, beginning with the relocation of Abraham, the forefather of the Jewish people, and to the formation of the modern state of Israel, and reveals his aspirations and ideals throughout this period.

The book describes the spiritual direction and influence that helped the Jewish religion to take shape in its various manifestations, and introduces the reader to the contribution made to the development and approval of numerous Jewish prophets, legislators, the psalmist, sages, rabbis, philosophers and mystics, whose efforts he has now become the living religious force. Covering the topics covered, the author has tried to maintain a balance between the driven factual material and its interpretation. Special attention was paid to them achieve clarity and simplicity.

Rabbi Dr. Epstein Ehezkil was educated at Hebrew College, London (Jewish Theological Seminary of the British Commonwealth) and the University of London, where he graduated with honors from the Department of Semitic languages ​​with a Bachelor of Arts and a doctorate in philosophy and literature and was the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. For several years he was the rabbi of the Jewish Congregation in Middlesbrough, and then in 1928 was appointed professor of Semitic languages ​​at Hebrew College, of which he became in 1945. The author of numerous works on Judaism, Dr. Epstein edited tridtsatishestitomnoe edition of the Babylonian Talmud in English, carried publishing Sonsini, and has written several monographs on medieval Jewish scholar. He also owns significant works by the Jewish religion and ethics, of which the book is "Judaism" published by publishing house Epuors in the series "The great religions of the East," is the first, and "Judaism as a faith" and "Step by step on the Jewish religion," designed to Young readers were final. His other works include articles in the Encyclopedia Cheymberz 1950 edition, where he was an editor and consultant Jewish sections, and in the Encyclopedia Britannica (1958 edition). Dr. Epstein died in 1962.


Publisher's Preface to the second edition of the Russian translation
Opening address to the first Russian edition

The national-religious schism.
The tragic fate of the kingdom of Israel
The rise and fall of Judah
Clerics and psalmists
The Jewish theocratic state
The Jewish state at the end of the era of the Second Temple
Jewish spiritual and national center
Compilation of the Talmud
Jewish Talmud
Jewish Talmud
Jewish Talmud
Consolidation of Judaism Talmud
Jewish philosophy
Jewish mysticism: Kabbalah
Contribution to medieval rabbinic Judaism
The modern movement in Judaism
Judaism and the Jewish state


For the first time this book was published in English in 1959 by the publishing house Penguin Books Ltd. During the year it has been reprinted and sold in the amount of 70,000 copies. The book was later translated into French, Dutch, Portuguese and Italian languages, thus benefiting from this extensive overview of Judaism wide range of readers.

The text of the new edition of the Russian translation of the book has been re-verified and contains the necessary corrections and additions, it is also accompanied by an alphabetical index. For the attention and care with which the work was performed, we want to sincerely thank the translator, Krohn Rima Arkadevnu and editor Trembitskuyu Julia Alexandrovna.

Since the first edition was published in Russian translation in 1979 in the former Soviet Union, there have been great changes. Perestroika and glasnost, finally, allowed the Jews living there, to practice and study their religion without fear of consequences. But the most outstanding and remarkable development in recent years has become a mass immigration of Soviet Jews to Israel, the land of the Jewish people. Since the beginning of 1980 arrived in Israel more than 300,000 immigrants from the former Soviet Union, of which 200 000 people over the last year. And this process is not yet finished.

We hope that this important book will help them understand the origins, beliefs and customs of the Jewish people.


This book is not in any sense a history of Jewish life, is not it and a description of the contribution of the Jewish people to world civilization and progress. Its main task - the description of Judaism as a religion and distinct from other lifestyle against 4,000 years of Jewish history since the emergence of the Bible to the creation of the modern state of Israel today. Beginning with the story of resettlement Abram, the founder of the Jewish nation, from Ur of the Chaldeans, the author attempts to trace the origin, development, continuous improvement of Judaism - its worldview, ethical and religious doctrines, his hopes, aspirations and ideals. In it you'll find a description of the spiritual trends and influences that have helped the Jewish religion to take shape in a variety of forms. Considerable space is devoted to the contribution made by the prophets, legislators, ministers of religion, the psalmist, sages, rabbis, philosophers and mystics, thanks to the efforts which Judaism was able to become that dynamic religious force that it is today.

This book is not intended to be comprehensive in the number of the material, and on the approach to it. The small size of the book is not allowed to include the names of the episodes and which otherwise would have been mentioned. And yet I want to believe that, despite all these limitations, the reader will get the chance to see a unique panorama of Judaism, with its vast treasure trove of thought and action, sealed in religion, laws, and norms of behavior of many civilizations.

The author is well aware that not all evaluation, approval, and the views expressed on the various events, phenomena and characters with whom readers will meet in these pages, will be taken as the only true one. The traditional view, which he sincerely adheres identified, in particular, his interpretation of the biblical period, as well as the various Jewish movements: the ancient, medieval and modern, which he considers in this book. At the same time, he focused on the presentation of the facts trim, selected him for the job, and tried, as far as possible, be objective in their presentation.

Notes pomeshennye at the end of each chapter contains references as well as further information on poses the question. Sometimes they provide arguments supporting the view contained in the text. The amount of these notes is reduced to a minimum, so as not to bore the reader. At the end of the book there is a bibliography that will help those who want to expand their knowledge.


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Sunday 30 May, 2010

Salo Wittmayer Baron - читать все обзоры этого автора

The Russian translation of the late Professor Isidore Epstein's JUDAISM will fill a major lacuna in the existing Russian scholarly and educational literature about the historic evolution of the Jewishfaith.For the last seven decades Soviet Jewry has been deprived of any significant new contributions in this field. At first, the Russian regime, still rather sympathetic to its Jewish minority, tolerated, occasionally even promoted, research relating to modern Jewish history and contemporary affairs. But these were principally concerned with socioeconomic developments in accordance with the regnant materialistic conception of history. Even the few biblical studies published at that time stressed these secular, rather than religious aspects, since all religions were to be discouraged as "opiates" forthe masses.In the last forty years, however, even these limited studies, along with all other aspects of Jewish culture, were increasingly repressed. For more than a generation the voice of the Jewish people in the Soviet Union was completely muted; it found fewer and fewer outlets for its intellectual curiosity concerning its own heritage. Schools, theatres, the press, and almost all synagogues were closed down, leaving but a remnant of the once flourishing, truly creative cultural life of the Jewish population. Under these circumstances the overwhelming majority of the Jews living in the Soviet Union -including the residents of the former Baltic s... Читать далее »

Sunday 30 May, 2010

Chief Rabbi Dr. Immanuel Jakobovits - читать все обзоры этого автора

By a happy combination of circumstances I am privileged to be among the very few who can serve a living link between the author and the reader for whom this translation of his work is intended.From the time I enrolled as a student of Jews' College in 1937 until the untimely passing of Rabbi Dr. Isidore Epstein in 1962, he was my distinguished teacher and mentor, a relationship which soon flowered into a fond friendship and which survives to mis day by my reverence for his memory and his teachings. Again, Soviet Jews have been particularly close to my heart ever since I pledged at my installation into my present office in 1967 that my top priorities would include "alleviating the religious attrition and communal isolation of our Russian brethren - the most painful Jewish problem of our day". In pursuit of this pledge, I set up a Department for Soviet Jewry within my office to help in shaping policies and generating communal support for their cause; I greeted them in Austria on their way to Israel when the Jewish exodus from Russia was at its height; I paid the first official visit of any Western Chief Rabbi to the Soviet Union in December 1975, meeting with groups and individuals of all sections identifying as Jews, including many leading activists, some of whom have happily meanwhile reached Israel; and I continue to assist a variety of projects in Israel for the spiritual regeneration of Jews from and in the Soviet Union, including the sponsorship of this transla... Читать далее »
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