Judaism: The Basics, regulations, rules and customs. Part 1

јвтор: Zaler, Yitzhak

»здательство: Geulim



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Ќомер по каталогу: 04187000
√од издани€: 1977
Cтраниц: 112
Weight: 0.13 kgs
Translated by: Goraly, M.N.
Editor: Feingold, U.N.
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 14x1x21


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the first part of the work describes the main provisions of Jewish law and rules of conduct for the Jew throughout the day - from the moment of awakening from sleep in the morning and before bedtime at night, including compliance with Laws relating to prayer, and observance of general rules of conduct in a dormitory.

In later parts of the book will contain rules concerning compliance with the sanctity of the Sabbath and holidays, as well as several other mitzvot (commandments) related to the daily life of a Jew.

At the end of the book are translations and explanations of individual non-Russian words in the text.


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Table of Contents
From the Publisher V
Preface VII
The basic tenets of Judaism (p.1)
Serving Gd (page 4)
Tzitzit (p.8)
Blessings (p.10)
Amen (p.12)
Mezuzah (p.14)
Tefillin (p.15)
Prayers (p.24)
Read "Shema" (p.35)
"Shemoneh-Esra" (p.40)
Torah Reading (Kriat HaTorah) (p.46)
Rukoomovenie (p.48)
Meal (51)
Blessings for different types of food and drink (56)
Drinking Prayer (p.63)
Scientists (p.67)
Honoring parents (p.72)
Honoring teachers and sages (p.74)
Rules of the hostel (p.78)
Good inclinations (p.79)
Afternoon prayer "Minha" (p.84)
Evening Prayer "Maariv" (p.87)
Read "Shema" before going to bed (p.88)
The list of blessings for different
types of food and drink (p.91)
Translation and explanation of some
Hebrew words and abbreviations (p.107)


This work is mainly for new immigrants from Russia, which have not yet learned enough Hebrew to read this work in the original.

In the book, detail and sets out the provisions, rules and customs of Judaism. For the Jews who came from Russia, where they were unable to keep an open mind to get acquainted with Judaism - with its essence and practical forms of service of Gd, this work will be a useful tool. We hope that it will expand their knowledge of Judaism and will return to the bosom of the true Jews to fulfill all the commandments of the Torah, in strict accordance with the existing legal provisions on this matter, rules and traditions of Orthodox Jewry.

In the first part of the proposed work to the reader the main provisions of Judaism and the Jewish rules of conduct for the day - from the moment of waking from sleep in the morning and before going to bed at night, including the fulfillment of the commandments relating to the prayers, and observe all the rules of conduct in the hostel.

In later parts of the book will be out the rules relating to compliance with the Sabbath and holidays, as well as a number of other mitzvot (commandments), relating to the everyday life of a Jew.

At the end of the book presents a translation and explanations of some non-Russian words used in the text.

Finally, a few words about the book itself.

It was originally published in Poland during World War II in Yiddish and Lashon Hakodesh, and was called "Shaarei Isaac" ("Gate of Isaac"). On the title page of the book stated: "A summary of the most essential part of Halacha and Agada, as well as the works of our ancient rabbis and later, of the rules and customs of everyday life of a Jew, the commandments, prayers and blessing of the Sabbath and holidays, for calendar year date, about 613 mitzvot and their meaning. Overview of the "chain of tradition", the prophets, and the kingdom of Israel, both the Talmud and their authors - Tannaim and Amora'im. ABOUT sacrifices in Beit Amikdashe, of Regulations Related to agriculture in Eretz Yisrael et al. "

In Israel, the book was released by "NH" (Bnei Brak) in Hebrew. In the process of translation into the Russian language is somewhat redesigned. This is due to the fact that its author I.Zaler, an Orthodox Jew, a Hasid and a very Talmudic scholar, but not a spiritual person who has dedicated his work mainly for children and young people, and therefore gave him the form of a dialogue between the teacher and his "apprentice vozloblennym . " We found this form of narration is not appropriate our goal - to familiarize with Judaism Jews from Russia, belonging to different age groups. Therefore, almost everywhere we changed the method of presentation and gave it the impersonal form. To help the reader to use the material, we have made minor changes to the structure of the book and put a section on the blessings in the end - in the form of a table as an application.



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