Kabbalah About Soul

јвтор: Shani, Yosef, r.



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√од издани€: 2013
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This book contains four articles by Rabbi Shani about the soul. Rabbi Shani tells them about the phenomena of deep and mysterious language simple and affordable. In many of the described stories we brought up in the spirit of atheistic propaganda and the cult of science as the ultimate truth or dogma , it is hard to believe. Nevertheless , we have a deep and long-standing tradition of awareness and vision of the world , causing great interest of all peoples, and for this reason alone it is worthy of our attention. However , it is not just entertaining stories about spirits adopted pagan traditions , such as Japan or China. That here you are told about the soul, confirmed the opinion of many of our great sages , some of the largest living rabbis and experience of the author, a practicing Kabbalist .

On the other hand , the tradition of loyalty to our history shows , for our people survived thanks to this tradition , while other contemporary nations , his neighbors and powerful enemies , disappeared from the face of the earth .

But Rav Yosef Shani book tells about another subject that we can not not interested , because it interests all over the world , telling us what is a Jew . Presented viewpoint helps explain many aspects familiar to every Jew from personal experience , and a lot of obscure places in the Torah. And she discovers that what we do not understand and do not understand.

So the soul and the Jew - the two main themes of this book , repeatable for better absorption and disclosures from different angles, as understood bondage and is a modern and a traditional oriental rabbi , Sephardic Jew .

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