Keeping Kosher in a non-Kosher World

Автор: Wolff, Eliezer, r.


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Номер по каталогу: 08037000
Год издания: 2007
Cтраниц: 108
Weight: 0.17 kgs
Translated by: Kvaslikova, Tamara
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 15x1x23


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The brief guidebook in the world of Kashrut laws.

Table of Contents .

CHAPTER 1. Eating out . Buying products .
Questions Cookware and kitchen equipment .
1 cup of coffee in a non-kosher restaurant
2.3 The food at a vegetarian restaurant
4 Purchase of non-kosher fish in a fish shop
5.6 Purchase of fruits and juices in non-kosher
7-10 Dishwasher
11-13 Plita
14-17 Oven
18-20 Microwave Oven
21.22 Holov Yisroel
23-25 ​​Bread, baked Jew , and bread baked
26 Toaster and his kasherovanie
27 Cheese , made by a non-Jew
28-30 Food cooked Gentile
31 The non-Jew in the kitchen
32-35 Kasherovanie dishes
36-39 Twyla (immersion in a mikvah utensils )
40.41 buy kosher meat
42.43 Products that require rabbinical supervision
44 What is " glatt kosher "
45 What is " yoshon " and " Khodosh "
CHAPTER 2. Meat and milk.
46 basic laws of separation of meat and
47.48 Order of non-kosher food for another person
49.50 Cooking classes
51 Purchase of food for animals
52.53 Separate utensils for meat and dairy
53 The use of non-kosher dishes
54 The custom label dairy dishes
55 Separate cloths for beef and dairy
56 Bread, the remainder of the meal
57 milk or meat loaf
58-62 The gaps between the meat and dairy meal times 63, 64 Two of the diners at the table
65 Meat and milk in the fridge
66-69 Milk spilled on meat
70 hot food that fell on the cold
71 hot food , which fell into the sink
72 Cold food that fell on the hot food
73 Cold food, cold food fell on the 74, 75 Salted meat, cheese touching
76 Milk , boiled the meat dishes
77 , 78 Kosher food cooked in non-kosher dishes
79 Cheese, sliced ​​meat with a knife
80 Cucumber, sliced ​​meat with a knife
81 Milk spilled next to the hot meat casserole
82 A drop of milk stuck to the outer surface of the meat hot pot
83 A drop of milk stuck to the outer surface of the hot pan parvenu
84-86 Meat pan , breast lid closed
87 pan with the meat , located above the stands on fire pots with milk
88 A bird that fell into a pot of hot milk
89 as a milk product , taken from a living animal
90, 91 eggs as a product taken from a living animal
92 first, second and third receptacles
93 , 94 Dairy spoon in the meat dishes
95 Hot meat, cut with a knife milk
96-98 non-kosher food , which fell in kosher dishes
99,100 Intentional " cancellation " of non-kosher
101 Chicken broth , which spilled cup
102-104 Chametz
105-106 Insects in the pan
107-109 The use of glassware
Software " Nat bar nut "
110.111 Kosher food cooked in non-kosher dishes
112,113 Potatoes , boiled meat in a clean container
114 Fish and meat
115 fish , cooked in meat dishes
116 parvenu food, cooked in meat dishes and
Warm up in another bowl
117 Fish and milk
118.119 Spicy food in a clean meat dishes
120 Cooked meat in a bowl parvenu food
which prevented breast spoon
121 Kosher food cooked in non-kosher utensils and
Preheat a kosher
122-125 Wash the meat and dairy dishes in one and the
same sink
126 Dairy spoon , which has appeared in the box with
meat spoons
127-131 Sharp products
132 Cold net non-kosher spoon , dropped
in horseradish
133 Cold meats fallen in hell
134 Separate salt shakers
135-137 Milk, meat boiled in a pot
138, 139, having touched the meat and cheese
140 Touched hot pots
141 A piece of non-kosher chicken, were among the
kosher chicken pieces
142 A piece of non-kosher meat or chicken , were among the pieces of chicken or kosher meat
143 non-kosher pot, were among the kosher
144 Checking the eggs for blood spots
CHAPTER 3. Kasherovanie meat.
145 Meat, cooked without kasherovaniya
146 Salting meat
147 Kasherovanie non-kosher meat in the house
148 Dishes in which blood flows
149 Soaking before salting
150 Salting without soaking
151 Cutting the meat before and after kasherovaniem 152-153 Meat, salted with one hand
154 Meat, with whom forgot to wash off the salt
155 Kasherovanie meat in extreme conditions
156 Salted meat, which fell to the floor
157-158 Rinsing meat not later than three days after the shechita
159 Frozen Meat
160 Meat, roasted three days after shechita
161 Laying salted cuts of meat
162 Lowering kashered meat in boiling water 163-167 Vyzharivanie meat and liver
168 Rinse the liver no later than three days after the shechita
169 Vyzharivanie liver in an electric oven
170 Neotkasherovannaya liver inside the chicken
171 Raw meat
172 salt-free diet
Glossary of key words and concepts
used in the book
How to comply with the laws trumot umaasrot


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