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Номер по каталогу: 01001203
Год издания: 2006
Cтраниц: 824
ISBN: 0-9636436-4-9
Weight: 1.25 kgs
Editor: Gil, P.
Language: Russian, Hewrew
Cover: hardcover
Format: 17x5x24


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With thanksgiving to G-d, we mark Bris Avrohom's 27tn year by publishing the Book of ktuvim in the original Hebrew together with a page-by-page modern Russian translation.
Bris Avrohom was founded in 1979 to help Russian-speaking Jewish immigrants in all their needs, both material and religious. It was so named because one of its central activities has always been to encourage and enable these Jews, who were forcibly prevented from fulfilling the Mitzvah of circumcision (Bris), to observe this important Torah commandment. To date, we have enabled many thousands of Jews of all ages to perform this Mitzvah, from eight-day-old babies to their grandfathers!
Among Bris Avrohom's broad range of activities is the publication of fine editions of fundamental Hebrew texts and prayer books with modern Russian translation. Now Russian-speaking Jews, for so long denied the opportunity to learn about their Jewish heritage, can pray and study from the original Hebrew sources, understanding them by means of up-to-date translations that remain faithful to Jewish tradition.
After publishing the Torah (the five books of Moses) and the book of Prophets, several years ago, Bris Avrohom is now publishing the third and last part of the Hebrew Scriptures, the Ketuvim. These traditionally include nine books subdivided into thirteen parts.
The Book of Ketuvim is "full" of prayers and allusions to the subject of Moshiach and the ultimate Redemption. May the publication of this Book hasten the day when Eliyahu the Prophet will herald the immediate revelation of Moshiach, who will liberate us from our spiritual and material exile. At that time, the entire world can devote itself to serving G-d in freedom from want, suffering and strife, in perfect peace, harmony and plenty.
We are most grateful to the Shamir organization of Russian-speaking academics, based in Israel, for their kind permission to republish this book in the United States.

Bris Avrohom
Rosh Chodesh Tammuz (the month of liberation) 5766


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