Keys to Happiness

јвтор: Pliskin, Zelig

»здательство: Isradon


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Ќомер по каталогу: 04200003
√од издани€: 2011
Cтраниц: 656
ISBN: 978-965-7478-29-5
Weight: 0.82 kgs
Translated by: Verzub, A.
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 15x4x21


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.How to livelifein joy(the Jewishapproach).The book is fullof livingexamples, andpractical lessonsthat are notdifficult to applywithout delaythe book!Entiresections are devoted tohow tonotworry, about howto understandandget rid of theirritation, what do YOU needfor yourpeace of mindandhow to achieve it.In general -a detailed reportof what constituteshappiness.

We highly recommend!

If you want to be happy - be happy!

Kozma bars


In one American school teacher decided to hold a conversation with the students on the topic of happiness. But before you start a lesson, the teacher said, I would like to do a little survey. He wrote on the board a list of qualities and asked the children to write down on a piece of paper three highest priorities for each student's performance. Here is the list:

Good famous comely High Dodger Beautiful Cheerful Smart Slim Pleasant Dear Rich Happy Patient Loving Caring Giving Failsafe Optimistic Artistic Resourceful Witty Funny.

On the eve of the lesson the teacher of many of my colleagues have expressed their belief that "Happiness" will be present among the priority qualities in most children. Imagine the surprise of the teacher, when out of the 23 students, only two (!) Identified "Happiness" among the three main qualities.

In the modern world has long shifted the criteria for human values. And children from a young age absorb the wrong assessments and dignity.

The purpose of this book - to show the reader the importance of true human values ​​and ways of their acquisition.

People know that happiness - that's good. But many of us, alas, a very distorted understanding of what that something-happiness. Some believe that it is the availability of money, while others believe that happiness - in the glory and fame ... Criteria are many, but few of them answer the question - what exactly is happiness in Hebrew?

The answer to this is - in the book that you, dear reader, you hold in your hands. In this book, Rabbi Zelig Pliskin has collected a wealth of material on the subject matter that throughout the history of the Jewish people worried about our sages. The author gives thoughts known Jewish thinkers from ancient times to the present day. Sometimes it verbatim quotes from their works, sometimes a brief retelling of their ideas. At the end of each statement or idea provided the source from which the corresponding idea gleaned. In order to reduce the distortion of titles, we have kept them in the English version. So, how does the author himself.

Grasp the job, dear reader. Let this book will serve you the key with which you will open its gates to happiness.

A. Verzub


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