King Herod the Great

јвтор: Blomberg, Svetlana

»здательство: Isradon



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√од издани€: 2009
Cтраниц: 125
ISBN: 978-5-94467-081-6
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Language: Russian
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Who destroyed the tomb of Herod?

In May 2007, Professor of Jewish University in Jerusalem, Ehud Netzer raised their hands to heaven and exclaimed: "Yes, we have found it!".
The ancient historian Josephus Flavius described the funeral of King Herod the Great, but the narrative breaks off at that funeral procession approaching Herodion. The exact burial place of Herod's remains a mystery.
Herodium complex area of 20 hectares located 13 kilometers from Jerusalem. It consists of a fortress in the crater of the mountain, in the valley below the palace was located. On the hillside Herodium archaeologists discovered the ruins of a monumental mausoleum and sarcophagus fragments of red with a luxurious finish. Netzer suggested that it was here and was buried legendary Herod the Great.

In 1972, commissioned by the Jewish University, began excavations in the lower Herodion. They lasted until 1988. There have been many discoveries of interest to science, but no trace of the tomb of Herod never to be found. Since February 1997, excavations at the Herodion resumed. Only 10 years Netzer found what he was looking for almost his entire life.

Ehud Netzer came in archeology, with a degree in architecture. It was obvious that Herod is different from the exact logical mind.

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