Know What To Anwer... Questions & Answers

Автор: Kushnir, Asher

Издательство: Toldot Yeshurun


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Год издания: 2009
Cтраниц: 158
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Language: Russian
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Jew, devoted to his faith, constantly in this world as a defendant and excuses. It is an eyesore at all. For those who are born into a religious family, so familiar from childhood that even do not pay attention. But for those who make their first steps in Jewish life, these issues sometimes - as a stumbling block. Therefore, the proposed collection of questions and answers designed primarily for them, for those who are looking for answers to these charges. Questions are grouped into four groups: the claims of the peoples of the world to the Jews, secular Jews claim to religious Jews, claims to religious Jews in Israel claim to Gd.

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Table of contents


Chapter 1. The claims of the peoples of the world to the Jews
When you zhydovskie creature dump to Israel?
I "antizhydist." Why do you molest Russia?
The Talmud has declared war on all non-Jews?
Kitsur Shulchan Aruch violates human norms
For that they hate Jews?
It is humiliating to the word "goy"?

Chapter 2. Claims of secular Jews to the Jews religious.
I am outraged by the behavior of religious ugly!
It seems to me that all of your Jewishness - not true!
Why do the religious are not keeping pace with the times?
Why do you live by the laws of the Middle Ages?
Why neglect of human culture?
Why did you shut off from the world?
What is the problem to go to football to relax?
Why not strip when it's hot?
Why do you need so many children?
Why children are imposing religious upbringing?
Why is there a separation of flow in Judaism?
Why do the rabbis argue? It is not culturally!
Why not go for a secular majority?
Why I can not interpret the Torah as I want?
And what do you care what we teach Kabbalah?

Chapter 3. Claims against religious Jews in Israel
What you give to Israel?
Why do we Jews in the Jewish state?
Why Israel is a religious dominance?
Why do you, "Haredim," do not serve in the army?
I know you! All of you are thieves and fornicators!
You robbed the state!
Why is marriage - a monopoly of rabbis?
What do you Haredim into politics climb?
Why do you fuss nose on our plates?
Why are not you working with, and learning all the time?
Why is the "orthodox" is not looking for a compromise?
Why you do not send their children to university?
Now choose secular rabbis!

Chapter 4. Claims against the Gd
Where was Gd when disaster befell the Jews?
Jews - the chosen people? This is racism!
Gd loves us just do not need petty
Is it really necessary to comply with all the so fanatically?
I am a Jew by birth! Why do I need religion?
Why Judaism is established by the mother?
Where can I get a normal convert to Judaism, without fanaticism?
Why soldiers gentile is not considered a Jew?
I am a Jew. Why can not I marry a non-Jewish woman?


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