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Год издания: 2003
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Language: Russian, Hebrew
Format: 14x2x19


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Language teaching program

Interface language: Russian

About the program:

Make learning foreign words in an exciting and gamble!
Tutorial "Learn the words" will allow a simple and entertaining way to learn a basic set of foreign words and phrases, as well as help develop the initial skills listening comprehension and pronunciation.

Using well-proven methodology Flash Cards
To consolidate the material studied is invited to perform nine of games of several types: "Take a picture," "Pick up a pair," "Play Time"
The program allows you to record your voice and compare the result with the pronunciation of native speakers

Maintenance Program and assistance in 49 languages!

Language material program "Learn the words" divided into three categories: education, games, a record. Satellites in the program will be a tiger and a bee: they tell us how to perform the task, or be acquainted with the rules of the game. Vocabulary is located in the category "Education" and is divided into themes, which are presented as film frames. "Scrolling" it, you can stop at any frame, and the announcer pronounce the selected word or phrase. In the category of "Games" - in three parts: "Take a picture," "Pick up a couple" and "Playing for Time." All games have three levels of difficulty. The sum of all the results will appear in the glasses after the game. The third category - "Burn" - focus on the formulation and testing of pronunciation. You can record your voice and compare the result with the pronunciation of native speakers.

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