Legend of the Golem



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Номер по каталогу: 14151000
Год издания: 1998
Cтраниц: 30
Weight: 0.10 kgs
Translated by: Fradkina, Eugene
Editor: Gasanov, S.
Language: Rassian
Cover: paperback
Format: 21x1x29


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It published translations of several legends and tales of the Golem and Rabbi Loew.

The well-known history as Rabbi Loew (1512-1609) - Chief Rabbi of the kingdom of Bohemia, naturalist, astronomer, judge. He founded the Talmudic school, many charities, was considered the best expert on the Talmud, had oratorical talent, enjoyed unquestioned authority in the Prague ghetto.

His name is linked to many legends, including a legend he created a clay Golem - protector of the Jews from the persecution of Christians. According to legend, the Golem appeared in 1580.

Another legend - XVII century - tells about Rabbi Eliyahu of Helma, who also created the Golem out of clay. But it soon turned it into dust, frightened gigantic proportions, which he quickly accepted - a huge, ever-increasing force could destroy the world.

It is said that the Golem, Rabbi Loew was not working on the Sabbath Rabbi removed from under his tongue magical note, depriving him of the ability to move. One day he forgot to do it, caught up in the moment the Golem the Sabbath, but when pulled out of his mouth the magic note, that turned into a shapeless heap of clay.

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