Lessons on Pirkey Avot. Lessons 50-100

јвтор: Patlas, Tsvi, r.

»здательство: Toldot Yeshurun



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√од издани€: 2011
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Language: Russian
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The disc contains lessons on the topics:

The secret of our return
Praying hands - against Amalek
Invitation to Life
Rambam "vertical"
Shavuot - two oaths
Frontpage Talmud
Recipe from sin
Who has stolen the royal crown?
There is no king without a people
He sits alone and ... silent
First-class ticket
Crown of the Torah
How to Steal the Light?
Ein one milvado
The first violin - the Jewish people
Giving - get
Plant a Tree of Life
Just one word "Amen"
Hanina ben Dosa Rabi
Where the combined opposition
Rabbi Hanina ben lesson Dos and grandmother Feiga
The teacher of our generation - King Menashe
How to prepare for Yom Kippur
As was done in the USSR ... Brit Mila
The Chosen People
Life Lessons of Rabbi Akiva
How to keep your head - the lesson of Rabbi Akiva
Silence - gold
Likeness ... The role of human
A man on his way to the Garden
Finite and infinite
And choose life ...
... But given the freedom!
The main choice - Emunah
Rabbi Akiva and Hanukkah
Who owns the crown?
How to cross the road?
The three most expensive things
Lessons of Rabbi Akiva
Lessons of Rabbi Akiva
Creator, the Torah, the people and the Land of Israel - a whole
The mystery of the word "Echad"
The heart, liver, turned into
By the way in which you want to ... Rabbi Elazar ben lesson in Dachau, Azarias
The wisdom of the Torah in the heart
Life Preserver for the world
Diamonds for cows
Generation of "heel"
Lunch or snack on Rabbi Elazar
Secrets of Pardes


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