Lessons on Pirkey Avot. Lessons 1-50

јвтор: Patlas, Tsvi, r.

»здательство: Toldot Yeshurun



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√од издани€: 2011
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Language: Russian
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The disc contains lessons on the topics:

Job, work and study of Torah
What is the difference of opinion of the Torah teachings of Marx?
Hillel lessons - how to love another Jew?
Rabbi Akiva and Ben Yehuda Papus
The mystery of the "devil's dozen" and the great Hillel
If I am not for myself ...
Do not let "ferment" commandments
Time "in Hebrew"
For that you will be asked to after death?
Love is a Jew "by Shaman"
Both are right - Shamai and Hillel
Jewish judge - make yourself Rabbi
Silence - gold
World - the world! .. in Hebrew
Raby Lesson: Know that you over!
Precious word "Amen"
Choosing life
Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and Rabbi Ishmael?
To Be or Not To Be?
The people, sanctify Thy Name How to distinguish a fake diamond
Secret weapon Jewish
Do not trust yourself until the day of his death
The cure for a bad start
Only the Jewish sage called "Haver"
How to Be a Millionaire
What can we learn from the skull, floating on the water
How to keep your millions
Love for the Creator ... in the gas chamber
Hillel patent or a donkey with a carrot
Saving the Torah
Rabi Yochanan ben Zak
Meaning of Life
The mystery of the letters «‫» ה ‬
How to find a direct way?
A pure heart hath done to me, the Creator!
Raskaycya day before his death
Greysya the fire of Zion, or "Fire Safety"
Trained Jew
Recipe for Survival
From the "Capital" Marx to Jewish values

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