Letter of Ramban

Автор: Ramban

Издательство: Shvut Ami


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Номер по каталогу: 03115000
Год издания: 2005
Cтраниц: 32
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Translated by: Wasserman, Tzvi
Language: Russian, Hewrew
Cover: paperback
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translation and compilation of explanations Zvi Wasserman

One of the greatest Jewish sages Ramban (born Moshe ben Nachman, 1194-1270) sent from the Land of Israel to Spain to his son a letter in which he outlined the basic principles of Jewish ethics. He promised that anyone who takes the custom to read this letter regularly rewarded with life in the world to come.

This letter was sent from the Ramban Eretz Yisrael to Spain to his son Nachman, to draw his attention to the importance of the quality of humility. He asked his son to read the letter once a week and teach it to the children, so that they were able to remember it by heart, from the earliest years, brought up in a B-goboyaznennosti.

Ramban assured his son that day when he will read this letter, Heaven to fulfill his desires. Ramban also promised that each person who takes the custom to read this letter, there will be no compensation be awarded and the world to come life.

A fragment from the book:

Do not look into your pal's face in order to suppress or diminish it. Arrogant people often seek to subjugate the listener, a company monopolize the conversation.

And any person believed to be significant YOURSELF. He is full of hidden virtues, which the superficial observer, as a rule, does not know.

IF YOU wisely RICHER OR YOU MUST HIS honor - "Stand in front of an old man, almost sage, and his fear of Gd" (Leviticus 19:32). And wisdom and wealth are equally signs of the divine blessing. Both are fraught with spiritual potential that is designed to implement a Jew in his service of Gd.

And if he is poor and RICHER OR YOU wise men, was then considered his righteousness: its sin is the result of an error, WHILE you sin deliberately. Wealth and poverty are the tests that are sent to a person in this world, and the test of wealth and luxury is much more difficult - few are able to stand it. For this reason, people in the world need a lot more than the wealthy. As such, there is no personal involvement with large incomes, and no personal guilt that person is not enough to live on all determined by the verdict of Heaven.

Moreover, the need for some form certainly visit each family (Shabat 1516), so the Jew must be prepared adequately to meet the change in his life, no matter how harsh it may be. And, of course, he must be aware of the fact that the poor man standing in front of it has some advantages that are superior to his own.

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