Letters About Parenting

јвтор: Shneerson, Menahem-Mendel, r.

»здательство: Knijniki



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√од издани€: 2012
Cтраниц: 192
ISBN: 978-5-9953-0194-3
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Compiled by: Gisser, Ishaya
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
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Lubavitcher Rebbe was the first Jewish religious leaders had the idea of ​​dissemination of knowledge about Judaism. Advice and recommendations to the Rebbe gave in his private letters, not only relevant, but serve as a practical guide to action. The epigraph to this edition could be the words of the prophet Moses, who, before the giving of the Torah said to God, asking him, who vouch for the fact that the Jews will study the Torah: "Our children will be our guarantors". Since then, the Jews are responsible for ensuring that children studied Torah and Jewish education received. Nobody is free from these obligations. "As long as there is at least one Jewish child - wrote the rabbi - not receiving real Jewish education, is that the community has not fulfilled his duty. Our age - very favorable for Jewish education. In a world where chaos reigns and lost the traditional values, parents are increasingly aware of the urgent need for Jewish education. torus and commandments - an integral part of what is the basis of the individual Jew. "

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