Live and Choose

јвтор: Tatz, A.

»здательство: Pardes


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Ќомер по каталогу: 04209000
√од издани€: 2011
Cтраниц: 221
Weight: 0.48 kgs
Translated by: Purer, Nachum, r.
Editor: Kamyanov Avni, Boris
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 16x2x24


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.Reading this book requires some intellectual effort, it aims to encourage people to creative, original thinking, so they can work out for yourself approach to life based on a true Jewish values​​.

Rav Akiva Tatz is widely known among English-speaking Jews. Books and lectures on Jewish philosophy and medical ethics by r. A. Tatz always evoke a lively response. He has the unique ability to clearly explain the most complex issues of Jewish wisdom. Translations of his two previous books "The Mask of the Universe" and "To live an inspired," beautifully performed by a translator p. Nahum Purerom have become favorite reading for many Russian-speaking Jews.

The main themes of the new book Hidden reality comprehension, freedom of choice, the search for its uniqueness, the relationship between man and woman in the light of the Torah, etc. ..

As in their previous works, the book "Live and choose" opening Gaon explains Rabbi Moshe Shapiro, with whom he studied for many years.

Gaon r. Moshe Shapiro opened the bottomless depths of our generation understand the Torah, the Creator of life and ministry. At the time, our teacher Rabbi Yitzchak Zilber spoke of Gaon r. Shapiro: "Around the world many of his kind. Maybe he is one. " The special Heat distinguished relations between these two great men. Many times I heard, as r. Moshe Shapiro told his disciples: "If you want to know what faith is, go and touch r. Yitzchak Zilber. "

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Free will - our true nature
Chapter 2. happiness
Chapter 3. A man and a woman
Chapter 4. individuality
Chapter 5. As to define its role in the life
Chapter 6. Freedom and responsibility
Chapter 7. Up and keep at a height
Chapter 8. silence
Chapter 9. faith
Chapter 10. Jews and non-Jews intermarry
Chapter 11. Reality and illusion
Chapter 12. tests
Chapter 13. hidden reality

Epilogue. Straw and fire

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