Автор: Shteinzalts, A.

Издательство: Institute for Jewish Studies


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Номер по каталогу: 03041100
Год издания: 2002
Cтраниц: 271
ISBN: 5-901905-02-4
Weight: 0.24 kgs
Translated by: Rotman, A.
Editor: Kamyanov, B.
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 12x2x17


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Adin Steinsaltz - extremely erudite man in many areas of science and art. He does not speak, does not preach - but thinking out loud, causing us to look at familiar concepts of a new and unexpected angles. The rabbi said that it is difficult to attribute to religious subjects: love, stupidity, money, psychoanalysis, law, and more. Versatility talked to them in order, along with the depth and clarity of thought draws attention to its articles of people belonging to different cultures. His appeal to these issues - not an excuse "to talk about the main thing" is not a means of "ohmureniya" intellectuals. He is really interested in all this, he has something to say, and he does it with admirable skill, not peppering his speech quoting "sources". The effect is utterly unexpected: a new genre is born, which can be defined as "the sage conversation on" mundane "topics." Since this term is not known Russian literary criticism, it is worth saying a few words. The Talmud ("Avodah Zarah", 186) says: "Speech to the wise" mundane "topics should be studied." The literal translation, as usual, did not quite hear or communicate tone and context. To be more precise: "Even when the sages say on topics that are not directly related to the Torah, their words should make sense - they have much to teach." One last note in the margin of this unusual book: there is some guile in determining non seemingly with the Torah while the "non-religious". Jewish monism no room to such an approach: the world is full of the Almighty, there is not anything there - from ideas to reality - that could be called a self-existing, because "... there is nothing but Him" ​​("Deuteronomy" - "Deuteronomy , "4:35).


9 From the Publisher
The mission of Rights 12
The individual and society 19
Why the revolution defeated 33
Fundamentalism, modernity and mysticism 50
Justice and fairness 64
Totalitarianism and democracy 72
"Rotten" 94 intellectuals
Fighting Spirit 106
Faith, hope and providence 113
The concept of time 124
Science, mathematics and religion 144
Science and Divine Revelation 161
Way of reaching 180
The questions that we are asking 187
Judaism and Christianity 198
Notes on psychoanalysis 218
About 277 Pornography
Science fiction literature 236
Sin 252
On the death of 257
Giraffes, lions, and the gates of hell 263

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