Magic Affairs

јвтор: Kluger, Daniel

»здательство: Ivrus



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Ќомер по каталогу: 12174000
√од издани€: 2008
Cтраниц: 323
ISBN: 965-7197-42-2
Weight: 0.42 kgs
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 15x2x21



Three detective - fantastic novelettes, tell about adventures of private detective Nitsan Bar-Aba in the invented world. The place of a science is borrowed here with magic - accordingly, and crimes which should be opened by Nitsan, are accomplished not by usual ways, and by means of paternosters, magic subjects and to that similar. In " Business about the stolen sarcophagus " the history with swindle leads to disclosing of smartly conceived and carried out murder, in " Business about murder in a vineyard " the detective himself should be protected from serious charges, and in " Business about indications of the dead man " Nitsan saves republic Shenaar from serious cataclysms - but as a result he has drawn discontent of the sovereign of the World dead - goddesses Ereshki-gal. But what wouldn't you do for the sake of the world and calmness of fellow citizens!

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