Maimonides. Collected Writings

јвтор: Maimonides

»здательство: Shamir



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Ќомер по каталогу: 03090000
√од издани€: 2004
Cтраниц: 446
ISBN: 965-293-083-0
Weight: 0.84 kgs
Translated by: Gil, Pinhas & Rapoport, N.Z. r.
Editor: Branover, Herman
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 17x3x24


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In this book, a collection of brief works of Maimonides on various issues. Most of them are in Russian is published for the first time. Proceedings of these portentous fact that they Rambam discusses his views on some of the main provisions of Judaism.

After reading the book, the reader learns the story of transmission from generation to generation of the Oral Torah, understand the principles on which this doctrine is built, learns of his media. From the book, you can get an idea about the basics of Judaism and the Rambam's view on the virtues and vices of the human soul. Reading the letters Rambam, you will learn concepts such as the consecration of the name of God and the return of the dead to life, learn the opinion of the Rambam's Messiah and the end of days.

It remains to wish all of us will soon see the days on which the Rambam writes in the book "Mishneh Torah": "In those days there will be no hunger or war, no jealousy, nisopernichestva, for the good of the earth will be in abundance ... And the whole world will be occupied only by the knowledge of the Most High ... and will be guided by them in secret, and they come upon the wisdom of the Creator, as far as is humanly possible ... ".
N.-Z. Rapoport
Marheshvan 5665 (November 2004)
Foreword to the Mishnah
Preface to the first Mishnah of the tenth chapter of the treatise
Sanhedrin (Perek "Helek")
Eight chapters that precede treatise Avot
Epistle to Yemen
The message of persecution
[An article about the dedication of the name of the Most High]
On the question of the return of the dead to life

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