Mishna Brura.

јвтор: Chafetz Chaim

»здательство: Maale Amos


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Ќомер по каталогу: 04158000
√од издани€: 2008
Cтраниц: 174
Weight: 0.26 kgs
Translated by: Krasilshchikov, A.
Editor: Katsen, Yakov
Language: Russian, Hebrew
Cover: paperback
Format: 16x1x22


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Language of this book is not simple, for its understanding special preparation and experience is required. Skill to read in a Hebrew not always helps. On the other hand, importance of studying of the book «Mishna Brura» cannot be overestimated. During many decades it is one of the basic sources of the practical Law. Any Alacha the decision presently is not accepted without taking into account this classical composition. Ignorance of basic principles and the terminology, stated in it, can become serious obstacle for studying Alacha.


Foreword "Mishnah Berurah" Rabbi Yisroel Meir Cohen and-
Seaman 1,
Laws morning awakening
Seaman 2,
Laws putting on clothes
Siman 3,
Behavior in the dressing room
Siman 4
The laws of washing hands
Seaman 5,
Concentration in the blessing
Siman 6,
Blessings, "Asher yatsar", "Elokay, neshomo" and their meaning
Siman 7
Blessing "Asher yatsar" after the small needs for the day
The list referred to in - "The Mishnah Berurah" books and authors
the translator


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