Mishna. Section Nezikim - Damages

Издательство: Lechaim


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Номер по каталогу: 02007021
Год издания: 2014
Cтраниц: 784
ISBN: 978-5-9003-0995-8
Weight: 0.70 kgs
Translated by: Levinov, Meir
Editor: Yaglom, Menachem
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 16x4x22


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Mishnah - is the cornerstone of Jewish oral tradition. It was one of the greatest Jewish scholars p . Judah ha -Nasi , which recognized the substantive provisions of the Oral Torah as a Code - a single, common to the whole people of the book . It happened 150 years after the destruction of the Temple , about 220 AD. e .

The basis of this publication is the principle of accessibility , it is the first time will allow the reader to get acquainted with the full text of the Mishnah in Russian . Translation accompanied by brief comments , clarifies the meaning and sometimes written context . In some cases, detailed explanations are given , which are the didactic material to facilitate understanding of the text of the Mishnah . In the multi-volume edition will include all sections and Mishna .

Originally Nezikin section ( " Damages " ) opened treatise , also called Nezikin and consisted of thirty chapters. Subsequently treatise divided into three parts, each of ten chapters . Parts of these three section treatise Nezikin - were entitled Bava Kama ( " first section " ) , Bava metsia ( " middle section " ) and Bava Batra ( " The last section " ) .

Bava Kama section contains the following topics .

The first chapter provides a classification of types of damages and the general rules applying to all kinds of damages .

The second chapter , except for the last Mishna is devoted to the laws of damage to livestock.

In mishnayot from 2:6 to 3:7 discusses the laws of damage to man.

In mishnayot from 3:8 to 6:3 discusses the laws of damage to livestock. ( The exception is mishnayot 5:5-7 , which discuss the laws on fixed sources of damage , called "the pit ." )

Mishnayot 6:4-6 devoted laws of arson .

The remaining four chapters deal with damages from theft, beatings and robberies.

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