Mishna. Section Zraim - Seeding

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Номер по каталогу: 02007019
Год издания: 2012
Cтраниц: 589
ISBN: 978-5-9003-0969-9
Weight: 0.74 kgs
Translated by: Levinov, Meir
Editor: Yaglom, Menachem
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 16x3x22


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The order of the treatises in the Zraim differs from that of the treatises in the remaining sections of the Mishnah, which bólshie by volume and number of chapters is preceded by a smaller tracts. In Zraim this rule is not observed. The largest number of chapters - from the beginning of the sixth treatise Trumot. The fourth is a treatise Kilaim where nine chapters, and before him - Dmay containing seven chapters. Treatise Bikurim who completes Zraim section consists of four chapters, and placed it after the Treaty of Eagle, in which three chapters. According to researchers of the Mishnah, this order reflects a certain internal logic of partition.

In connection with the Treaty of Brachot, prayer and related laws usually ask two questions. First, why it is placed in the section Zraim? After all, all the other treatises of this section are devoted to the commandments relating to the treatment of land and agriculture, as well as agriculture-related laws prayers? And secondly, why in the Zraim it is first? To both questions can be given a formal answer to the treatise Brachot no place in any of the six sections of the Mishna. Its content does not match any of those contained in the section titles in order: the laws governing the conduct of Agriculture (Zraim) laws relating to the Sabbath and holidays (Moed), criminal law and financial law (Nezikin), the laws of family purity, and family law ( ours), the laws of the temple sacrifices (Kodashim), the laws of ritual purity and pollution (Toѓorot). As a result treatise on the law of prayer, was placed in the beginning of all of the Mishnah, as it were, a separate section, and he automatically became the first in the Zraim.

Over the essential answer to these questions provide the authors Tosafos, citing the Jerusalem Talmud: "[Man] believes in Him who gives life to the world, but because sows," and the Rambam, who reported that the partition Zraim dedicated daily bread, are preceded by the laws of the prayers and blessings, without which sit at the table and there should not be.

The first three chapters are devoted to the laws of the treatise Brachot reading "Hear, O Israel ...". Starting with the fourth chapter discusses the laws of prayer "Eighteen Blessings." The sixth chapter deals with the laws of the blessings spoken before meals and after, in the seventh - the laws of prayer after the meal at the table if there are multiple people. Chapter Eight is devoted customs associated with their meals, and in the ninth thanks listed blessing.

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