Mishne Torah. Volume 13. Book of Judgments

јвтор: Rambam



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Translated by: Brodskaya, S.
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The laws on property claims include five groups of commands: 1) the laws of employment and rent, 2) the laws of the loan and storage of the property, 3) the laws of the creditor and the debtor, 4) the laws of the plaintiff and the defendant, 5) the laws of inheritance.

The laws include hiring and rental of seven commandments, three and four are commanded to deny. These are: 1) to be employed and to keep the property for a fee in accordance with the rules established by the Torah, 2) pay the employee on time, and 3) not to delay the payment of the employee, and 4) allow the employee is growing fruits, with which it works; 5) The employee is not growing fruits, except when done with them, and 6) the employee does not bear the fruit of the field in the hands: he allowed just what he ate, and 7) do not interfere with the bull is flailing, as well as any other cattle.

The laws of the loan and storage of the property include two commands the commandments: 1) to occupy the property in accordance with the law of the Torah, and 2) to keep the property free of charge in accordance with the law of the Torah.

Laws on the creditor and the debtor include the twelve commandments, four and eight to command forbidding. These are: 1) to give the poor man a loan and need, and 2) not to pursue the debtor, seeking the return of the loan, and 3) the debtor to pursue non-Jewish, seeking the return of the loan, and 4) does not take away from the debtor's property as a pledge by force, and 5) to return the mortgage owner, when he needs it, and 6) not to delay the return of mortgage-host a poor man when he needs it, and 7) do not take [as a mortgage] property widows 8) does not take away [as a mortgage] dishes, which are prepared in the main food; 9) does not grant a loan at interest, and 10) did not take the loan at interest; 11) does not mediate between the giver and taker a loan at an interest rate not to act between them as a witness, not to write an IOU, not to become a guarantor, 12) to take from the non-Jew and give a non-Jew loan at interest.

The laws of the plaintiff and defendant - the imperious one commandment: to act according to the law of the Torah in the event of a claim and the affirmation or denial of the validity of this claim by the defendant.

The laws of inheritance - the imperious one commandment: to transfer the inheritance in accordance with the procedure established by the Torah.

Thus, only in this book describes twenty three commandments, of which eleven and twelve commandments commands the ban.

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