Moishe about Managment

Автор: Braun, David

Издательство: Jewish Word



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Номер по каталогу: 04105000
Год издания: 2006
Cтраниц: 288
ISBN: 5-900309-40-1
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Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
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The strategy and tactics of the biblical Moses, who led the Jews out of Egypt and came to the Promised Land. 50 lessons of modern business, based "on the principles of leadership, developed and used by Moses.
David Brown's book introduces the reader engaged in business and management, the strategy and tactics of Moses, under whose leadership the Jews left Egypt and came to the Promised Land. 50 lessons of modern business based on the principles of leadership, developed and used by Moses.
The greatest manager of all time: bold statement, but few people would think to deny that this is so.
Through Moses, God gave 613 "laws of human kindness." If we want to move forward, we must learn these commandments, and combine business with ethics. The story of Moses shows us some of the ways in which we can achieve this.


Preface 9
Moses: Summary of the head 17

Part One By passing the message of Gd
1. Let others know your capabilities,
and you - to find out the possibility of another 24
2. Educate the internal qualities of the leader 30
3. Talking to people on their level 35
A: Ask what you want 42
5. State their intentions 47
6. Use the mission statement -
his Ten Commandments 51
7. Understand that faith must be updated 57
8. Negotiate face-to-face 61
9. Give maximum authority
his deputy, 66
10. Rid the team of slave psychology 71
11. Tell people about the rules and consequences
violations of these rules 77
12. Make comments - and be able to take them 81
13. Do not pronounce the name of the Lord in vain 85
14. Show their unity with the people 89
15. Beware of the consequences of a false
interpretation 94

Part Two Driving through the desert
16. Target areas 102
17. Understand when roundabout way - the best 107
18 Post capable people to express themselves 112
19. Search Power 117 characters
20. To lead the team 121
21. Foresee the future to their advantage 126
22 sees the crisis as a door
open to change 130
23. Encouraged to promote sincere 134
24. Finding an active minority 139
25. To seek help in the family 143
26. Focus on the main 147
27. Create a recovery mechanism 151
28. To believe that your creation will survive 155
29. Create rituals team building 160
30. Resolve conflicts quickly and objectively 164
31. Watch the burning bush 169
32. Not blinded by his own authority 173
33. Introduce a creative break 178
34. Allow others to share your burden 183
35. Maintain a relationship with departed employees 188
36. Use exile to rediscover themselves 194
37. Prepare an exit strategy 200

Part Three
Live by the Law
38. Stand up for their people 208
39. Making the team believe 213
40. Hold fast to the decision-making 219
41. Do not compromise with tyranny 226
42. Defend justice, but not for remuneration 232
43. Combine zero tolerance with absolute compassion, 236
44. Teach people not to shift experienced
flour on the other 242
45. Eliminate chatter 248
46. Responsible for creating a dangerous situation 252
47. Treat people fairly 257
48. Observe the correct weights and measures 261
49. Do not put the block before the blind 265
50. Remember the signs of attention 269
Epilogue: From words to deeds 273
Biblical references (in the order they appear in the text) 281
Bibliography 284

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