Never Again

Author: Kahane, Meir, r.

Publishing House: Gesharim


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Catalog number: 09112200
Year: 1988
Pages: 240
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Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 12x2x17


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The unique book translated on Russian r. Meir Kahane (1932-1990), the founder of " League of protection of Jews ” and movement “Kah”.

third edition

Table of Contents

About the author of this book
deathly silence
The moral bankruptcy of the Jewish establishment
The loss of Jewish identity
The departure of young people from the Jewish Zionism Jewish pride
The Jewish tradition
revaluation of values
Agavat Israel
The Programme of Action

Rabbi Meir Kahane was born in 1932 in New York. His mother came to America in 1919 , her parents had fled there from Dvinsk (now Daugavpils , Latvia) , fleeing the Bolshevik regime . Who died a few years ago, my father R. Meir Kahane was born in the Israeli city of Safed.

M.Kahane grew up in New York. Thirteen years at the famous yeshiva "The World ," which received a " smicha " ( the title of rabbi .) In addition, he graduated from the Faculty of International Law at New York University and holds a lawyer.

In 1968 r.M.Kahane organized " Jewish Defense League ", which has set itself the goal of providing physical security of American Jews and the revival of a sense of self-worth and national pride.

In 1969 r.M.Kahane and " Jewish Defense League " were the first who started to open, uncompromising struggle for the liberation of Soviet Jewry.

In September 1971 r.M.Kahane with his wife and four children with their families immigrated to Israel and settled in Jerusalem. The head of the movement he founded " Kach " and ran for election " is in 1973 , 1977, 1981 . , But did not collect the required number of votes.

Almost from the first day in Israel R. Meir " ahane became the object of coarse attacks , slander , persecution by the authorities and the" left " circles. Was the first Jew in Israel , which has undergone a so-called " administrative " detention - without trial was imprisoned , where he spent several months.

In elections to the Knesset 11 convocation , held July 23, 1984 , for the movement " Kach " 25907 Israelis voted , and r.M.Kahane became a member of the Knesset . His election to the Knesset has caused a wave of hysterical reactions on the part of all , without exception, the "left" and many of the " right" of political parties and social organizations in Israel. It has not gone unnoticed outside of Israel, communist , Arab , Muslim countries , almost all countries of the "Third World" , most of the political leaders of the West hit the r.M.Kahane and the movement he led to sharp attacks , a style that often reminds areal abuse.

Rabbi M.Kahane is fighting the state of Israel was indeed a Jewish state based on Jewish law , free from the presence of an enemy of the Arab population and the corrupting influence of socialism .



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