New Golem, or War of Children and the Elderly

Автор: Yuriev, Oleg

Издательство: Gesharim


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Номер по каталогу: 12227000
Год издания: 2004
Cтраниц: 256
ISBN: 5-93273-167-2
Weight: 0.25 kgs
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 14x2x21


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The originality of the plot, the luxury of language, sarcasm and satirical poetic detail - all fans of prose Oleg St. George's will and in his new novel, "The new Golem, or the War of the elderly and children," a dizzying phantasmagoria of "Invisible decade" of the nineties of the last century. Main location - the town Yudenshlyuht, he's Zhydivsky Uzhlabina, the German-Czech border. The narrator, "St. Petersburg hazarin Julius Goldstein, Julia disguises to get a scholarship (for women quota) to adjust it-shlyuhtskom" Kulturbunkere, where it expects most incredible things: traces of the legendary Golem, a clay idol created by the medieval Prague rabbi and the famous Gustav Meyrink intersect here with a little history of the Khazar tribe, entered in the Bohemian mountains, and take away the hero in St. Petersburg and New York. Oleg Yuriev skillfully blends fact and fiction, cold irony and tenderness - the widest range of his voice allows him to easily move from metaphor to brute simplicity of zaboristyh jokes to subtle erotic experiences, from bullying political cliche to serious historical and philosophical reflections.

"The new Golem", an incredibly funny and very bitter book, talks about the recent - a sudden and severe, and because no one is not fully conscious - the changes in Eastern and Western Europe, about the time when they were released long ago seemed tamed the demons of history. A special "bonus" for readers, charmed the previous book, St. George's "Peninsula Zhidyatin: a careful reading of the New Golem, you can understand how there (seven years after the events at the border peninsula), the fate of major characters that have become legendary novel.


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