New Researches of Book Breishit in a View of Classical Comments

јвтор: Leibovitch, Nehama

»здательство: Amana



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Ќомер по каталогу: 01027001
√од издани€: 1997
Cтраниц: 383
Weight: 0.47 kgs
Translated by: Veksler, Y., Konstantinovskaya, E.
Editor: Veksler, I.
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 14x2x22


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The book has insignificant damages of a cover from an end face.

This book - first of five volumes of monumental literary work in the field of the Jewish philosophy - " New researches of a Torah in a view of classical comments ". Its basis was made published during more than twenty five years with the well-known brochures prof. Nehama Lejbovich " To a question on week section of a Torah ". On these brochures the whole generation of the Jews studying Pentateuch and the comments to them by unique technique of Nehama Lejbovich is brought up.

Having defined the main theme of week section, the author comprehensively analyzes it, comparing with opinions of various commentators, as required emphasizing features of literary style and grammar, and opening philosophical sense of the text, accustoms the reader to get a grasp of text of Pentateuch, opening for itself light of a Torah.

Researches of prof. Nehama Lejbovich have found the wide response and enthusiastic admirers both in Israel, and in diaspora - among rabbis, teachers, researchers and it is simple the Jews scooping in them inspiration for profound studying and distribution of knowledge of a Torah.

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