New Researches of Book Shmot in a View of Classical Comments. Volume 1

јвтор: Leibovitch, Nehama

»здательство: Amana



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Translated by: Veksler, I.; Kravtsov, M.
Language: Russian
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1. What causes the enslavement of Jews in ancient Egypt and other nations of their persecution .
2 . Test the Jews as a punishment for sin.
3 . Tests of the Jews as a warning .
4 . Expulsion from the perspective of educating generations.
5 . The memory of slavery in Egypt , as a justification for the commandments.
6. Deliverance from Egypt, as a basis for the release of Jewish commandments .

1. What causes the enslavement of Jews in ancient Egypt and other nations of their persecution .

At the beginning of his lesson on common problems of " Exodus " and Midrash " Exodus servant " in particular , Professor Yitzhak hayneman , blessed memory , said:

" Historical Science asks: What are the reasons (political , economic, religious ) that caused the persecution of the Jews and the Egyptians led to severe enslavement of Jews in Egypt? Midrash asks: What is the meaning that the Jews persecuted by other nations and enslaved them? "

Between these issues can be traced two differences :

1. The first question says the reason for persecution , and the second - about the meaning of it.

2 . The first question asked about the most ancient expulsion that occurred about 3,500 years ago (according to the Ramban , " then they were in exile before all other exiles " ) . The second - all exiles , that accrue to all generations of Jews , what slavery in Egypt typifies .

Before we proceed to study the chapters of the book " Exodus " , telling about the exile and the release , listen to the opinions of our predecessors on the meaning of slavery in Egypt . Perhaps this will allow us to understand the meaning of every exile.

2 . Test the Jews as a punishment for sin.

Some of our sages have seen in exile - as well as in any trial that befell the Jews , the penalty for sin . Jacob's sons , who had come " to live in the land ," that's what they said at his first meeting with Pharaoh was not only live , but live in Egypt, and at the end of the book Genesis emphasizes that they " settled " there ( Genesis 47 : 27). This was their sin , and for this it is a punishment. Dwelling and justification on the ground turned into exile and enslavement .


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