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Though the Chassidic literature there are thousands of books and their number is multiplied from year to year, the alive doctrine of Chassidism cannot be reduced to a printed word. And in those Chassidic currents where studying of the written text is the important or central component of a spiritual life, even there where the book canon has been created, always there were aspects, intellectual and emotional, not invested in a printed word. In all epoch of the development, at all numerous Chassidic schools represented great transformation and by the most nature of difficult ideas for mass perception in practically embodied outlook. Transition from extreme abstraction to alive human spirit, to terrestrial daily occurrence is Chassidism.

For this reason leaders and teachers of this direction in Judaism quite often selected a tune, a parable, the naive story as optimum means for transfer of ideas to the pupils. Their example was followed also by Chassids, investing in compressed and deliberately simple form the most complicated ideas and the whole layers of the mystical doctrine.

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