Plants of the Torah


Plants of the Torah


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Дата добавления: Thursday 01 July, 2010

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Torah is the book of books, acknowledged by the entire world from which we learn the laws of Nature and Existence. From Ancient times, it brings to us the Jewish history, the periods of their glory and of their decline. We find there the laws of hygiene, medicine and knowledge about mineralogy, plants and animals as well as their use, for more than 3300 years the Torah is the everyday book of the Jews. Books about the Torah are written often and there are many scholarly works. But on each stage of the societal development, we understand more deeply its context and meaning.

The book "Plants of the Torah" is a very timely work. It will help the immigrants, synagogue-comers to understand deeper the life of our ancestors, to find out about the old plants and how to use them in contemporary events. In conclusion, I'll mention a story from the Torah. A getaway young man suffered hunger and thirst during a trip in a desert. Suddenly he saw a tree and when he came to the tree he found a spring. He drank and laid down. Then he saw fruits on the tree and he ate them and fell asleep. After awaking he said to the tree: "I thank you for the shade, water and fruits. You have everything. I would like to bless your prosperity so they will always have shade, water and fruits, AMEN.

As a sign of appreciation for your work, I extend to you the same blessings.

Chief Rabbi of USA and Canada

Yitzhak Yeoshuv

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