Plants of the Torah


Plants of the Torah


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Дата добавления: Thursday 01 July, 2010

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The importance of the Torah for Jews and all humanity is hard to
overvalue. "See into, and see into again, because it's all inside",
said our sages (Avot 5:26). Included in the Torah are all related to the human life and the existence of the world. It's contemporary for young adults (men and women), and due to the science, it opens new faces. It's the first time in our society the appearance of a book which connects religion with modern science. It opens the dialogue between the old and contemporary usage of the plants of medicine.

There are a lot of qualitative illustrations. This book is not big in
volume, but it is high in quality. Certainly the Torah doesn't write
about all old used plants, but the plants noted are not all known and the main aim is to introduce the method of their usage. These plants are ritual, nutritious , technical; spice-aromatics accompanied the men thousands of years and didn't lose this function. The famous Ram-Bam wrote that all plants are useful and is a big mistake to say that some plants are needless. I think that the work of the doctor of biological sciences Yuzef Murdakhayev "The Plants of the Torah" is actual And useful, And the qualitative transition into English makes the book disposable to the English speaking people as to the Russian speaking people making a wider circle of readers.

I want to wish to the author: G-d's grace and good health and well being so that he could continue to work for our folk.

Rabbi Abraham Tabibov

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