Plants of the Torah


Plants of the Torah


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Дата добавления: Thursday 01 July, 2010

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The plants presented in the Torah, which was present throughout all of human kind. Used in food, medicine, and rituals. The cultivation of plants helped man survive and flourish throughout history. To this day, these plants are utilized; due to modern advances in biology, the uses of these plants have widened.

From a botanical point of view, as a specialist, I would like to assure readers that this book contains all aspects of these plants, their species, uses, and how they affect the body. These affects can be positive to the human body, for example when one is sick, certain plants, when used correctly, can be used as herbs, and heal the body's discomfort. They can also have detrimental effects: For example, one may overdose on these herbs, and it can lead to injury. This book will guide you through utilizing these plants for your benfit.
The publication of the book " The Plants of the Torah" in both Russian and English, will widen the variety of readers. We as Christians count the Torah as the "Greatest covenant". This is why this book will be interesting for Christians as well. We can all consider it as a work of art.

Active Botanist, and Education Director Emeritus of the Queens Botanical Gardens of New York
- Fred Gerber

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