Point of View

јвтор: Steinsaltz, Adin

»здательство: Institute for Jewish Studies



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√од издани€: 2005
Cтраниц: 302
ISBN: 5-901905-15-6
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Editor: Kamyanov, B.
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
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Bring to your attention a collection of articles p. Steinsaltz's "Point of View" is made up of his works previously published in various publications. It was conceived as a kind of continuation of the book "Sight", released in 2002. "Sight", according to the publishers, representing the views of the author's range of universal issues, and the second book, "Point of View", was to reflect his vision of specifically Jewish issues. While working on these books, like the division seemed all the more conventional compilers: p. Steinsaltz, talking about democracy and mathematical paradoxes, demonstrates the approach of a religious Jew, and speaking about the issue of Jewish identity or disease of anti-Semitism - broadly educated modern man, open to a mutually enriching dialogue.
In addition to the author's identity, to prevent this separation is that all the really important manifestations of the world around us are not the exclusive domain of any group of people. The problems of non-Jewish society is always, inevitably, become Jewish issues, and seemingly a purely Jewish assimilation or anti-Semitism are the behavioral patterns that are relevant to any national or social communities.
However, the appropriateness of this, albeit conditional, the division is not lost. Rabbi Steinsaltz defines the Jewish people as one big family. His numerous trips to various countries in which he meets with representatives of the local community, giving lectures, answers to people's questions, he calls visits to relatives. Most of the articles offered to your attention in this volume, originally represented a record lectures or conversations p. Steinsaltz. And if they use this definition - it is his conversations with family members. Although "All happy families resemble one another," every house has its own, unique to his themes and characteristics, "family humor," etc. Yes, and family relations, despite their similarity with the same neighbors, though Still, most interested members of this particular family.
R. Steinsaltz is not afraid to touch the "pain points" of modern Jewry. Its statements are accurate, pristalen view, the language is sharp ... Sometimes what he says may cause pain, but not in any way offend. After all, even his opponents to understand what is said to them is dictated by love alone. To his people, to his country, to humanity and to the man. Maybe so, despite his refusal to compromise in all that concerns the preservation of the Jewish heritage, he was respected and loved by all kinds of people, including those who are difficult to name his associates. He is anxious to benefit, and not knowing rest, doing everything in his power to ensure that the Jewish people suffered the least possible losses and learned from past mistakes.
Rabbi Steinsaltz is undoubtedly biased, as any loving person. And that's why he notices usually escapes attention less interested people. The unique ability to speak in plain human language about the most difficult things makes his book an indispensable source of ideas for every reader.


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