Principles. Rabbi Moshe Chaim Lutzatto

Автор: Lutzatto, Moshe-Chaim

Издательство: Jewish Book



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Год издания: 2014
Cтраниц: 212
ISBN: 978-965-7392-64-5
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Editor: Klimovsky, Ovadia
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 14x2x22


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About the Creator and His Creation in general samis

It is obvious and has been repeatedly proved in many ways that the private nature of the Creator is incomprehensible and even more so can not be described by any words. The emergence of the world is shrouded in mystery, unsolved so that today we can rightly pass for wise and knowledgeable person, denying the very existence of the Creator, calling his endless faceless names "universe", "nature", "space" or even "eternal and objectively existing matter" . However, the fact of man's consciousness of its own existence poses questions that require clear and definite answers. These issues presumptuously setting themselves indicate the presence of a human soul, its roots related with the Infinite Creator. On the other hand, pettiness and routine of everyday human veiled eyes, and not only because it does not allow him to even think about the sublime, but the fact that his entire nature denies Infinity and perfection which the soul can not confer the source of its existence. While in this seemingly insoluble contradiction, mind searches for answers, the essence of which - find a logical connection between the infinite and the finite, infinite and limited, perfect and flawed.

The paradox is that the logic - the main instrument of the mind - is also limited by its own nature, and do not be in our total rejection logic capabilities, we never could pronounce the words, though somehow correlated with the Creator and his purpose in creation. We can say that the answers to the deepest questions of human lie in the field of communication with the complete denial of the claim denial turning into a statement. Complexity and diversity of Kabbalah explains exactly her paradoxical, because its essence is to explain the origin of the most insignificant details of everyday inconceivable Infinite Creator.

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