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Wonderful gift to a girl or a woman who is just beginning to keep the commandments.
Rabbi Meir said : " Why , according to the Torah , Nida - seven days? Because otherwise the husband and wife will get used to it and he can leave . Therefore indicates the Torah : " Let (the wife ) be banned for seven days, then she will be sweet to her husband as at the wedding day ."

Treatise " Nida "

Since olden times people look at a Jewish family and try to solve the riddle: why it looks so strong , harmonious and happy ?

This is all the more strange in this era when the world by preaching morality permissiveness helplessly undergoing destruction of family ties . And only a traditional Jewish family remains a symbol of stability , purity and fidelity. Many envy amazing Fortunately reigning within the Jewish family. But it is based on what ? What underlies the well-being of the Jewish marriage?

The secret Jewish family can be found in the system of commandments , which are included in the concept of " family purity ." This system helps to keep what is called the freshness of family relationships , as well as protects rest spouses , providing happiness and stability of marriage.

We fulfill the commandment of family purity , not only because they are - the key to a healthy and happy life in this world , but also because they are granted to our people by the Creator . And this fact can not cause a reasonable person in admiration : it turns out , a complete coincidence of the physical with the spiritual happiness happens when we do God's will .

Torah sanctify family life, or in other words , they raise the relationship between husband and wife from the physical layer to the spiritual . While Judaism does not diminish the physical life of the spouses love each other ! he does not look at intimacy, not Gd forbid , as something shameful - it only raises the proximity to a higher level , and it is called sanctification . As a result, we get a completely different content of family life.

Distancing period when the marital relationship between a man and a woman transformed into a relationship between brother and sister , updated monthly family life and thus completely expels the family routine and boredom , from which so affected couples in today's world . Practice shows that the marital relationship , renewable after days distancing become more "young" , deep and noble than before.

This fact is also evidenced by the profound physical sense, which is incorporated in the laws of family purity . Many scientific authorities , barely acquainted with the system requirements of Jewish marriage , did not hide his admiration for how effective they are deep and versatile. A famous doctor from England, was not Jewish , spent many years studying women's health and family relations , noted in his study : " I am familiar with Jewish norms in this area and I can say that it is the most progressive laws in the world that affect women . Moreover, I take the liberty to say that one who lives according to these laws , - the happiest man . "

However, as we noted above , the importance of the laws of family purity is not only that they give happiness to people , observe them. Seems much more valuable property of these laws to preserve the purity of the Jewish people . Children born into families where the most serious about compliance with those laws differ delicacy towards others , candor and ability to better absorb knowledge. Their hearts are more open spiritually , they are less susceptible soulless thirst for physical pleasures and material acquisitions. These children from birth would be better as a launching pad for spiritual growth .

To execute the laws of family purity require large and serious efforts - especially for those who are unaccustomed to them . However, all these efforts paid off handsomely when the house is so triumphant welcome happiness and peace . The couple began observing the laws of family purity , even after a short time, will feel in your heart a feeling of great nobility to the One who gave us these laws .
In Judaism, many important components. But one of the most

important - the system of laws of family purity . And this is due to the fact that the Torah looks at family as a foundation on which there was and continues to stand the Jewish people . The role of husband and wife in a Jewish home filled with holiness , the source of which - in loyalty and mutual responsibilities. In such a house children grow healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually , that bring happiness to parents and other family members .

So clean and respect in the institution of the family built the Jewish people within which promised prosperity and happiness of every Jew - men and women , boys and girls , young and old .

You are holding a book where in brief , clear and at the same time exhaustive form the fundamentals of the laws of family purity . I hope that by studying them, you remove the need for themselves favor.

Rabbi Shlomo Baksht, Chief Rabbi of Odessa and Southern Ukraine



Part 1. laws halides
1. When a woman becomes Nida
2 . What is forbidden during halides
3 . Efsek - law procedures and reference Taara seven clear days
4 . Prepare to dive into the mikvah
5 . Immersion in a mikvah and duration of immersion
6. Arhakot laws , marital estrangement , before the onset of menstruation
7. Laws of the menstrual cycle
8. Arhakot laws , alienation , during pregnancy and after childbirth
9. laws bride

Part 2 . Laws separating challah
Part 3 . Truma and maaser
Part 4 . Light Candles
Part 5 . How to fry liver

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