Rabbi A.Y.Kook. His Personality and Teaching

Издательство: Machanaim


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Номер по каталогу: 03098000
Год издания: 2006
Cтраниц: 570
Weight: 1.05 kgs
Compiled by: Polonsky, Pinchas
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 18x4x25


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the meaning and philosophy of religious Zionism, the concept of modernism in Orthodox Judaism, Kabbalah use to understand the processes taking place today with the Jewish people and the State.

Selected excerpts from the works p. Cook with a new translation.

A fragment from the book:

SECTION D. Selected excerpts from the works p. Cook § 120/str.45

Compared with the higher divine truth there is no difference between "ige mafaith" and atheism

Compared with the higher divine truth is not in general there is no difference between "depicting faith" committed between 1 and unbelief (atheism) - both of them do not give istiny2.

However (in our lives), the difference between them is still there, and it is that faith itself is more inclined to the truth and lies closer to atheism. And because of this tendency comes from a good, but on the other - zlo3.

And so it is said in the prophet (Gaucher 14:10) "The righteous will be upon them, and the villains they stumble upon them" 4.

The entire world with its material and spiritual values ​​as a whole is designed according to human merkam5,

but by the standards of this truth emerges in the faith, and so it - a source of good, and a lie is manifested in the lack of faith, and in it - the source of evil.
'"Represent the faith" - a faith that somehow God shows us and gives a particular description of him, even if that description is not "physical" and "spiritual." On this, see also above, chapter C-3, § 3.8.
2 Ie as atheism and depicting primitive faith entirely far from the truth, and in comparison to the highest Divinity is wrong.
3 In other words, God's point of view there is no difference between the primitive faith and atheism - both are wrong, but from a human point of view, they have different focuses: one is inclined to goodness and truth, and the other - to the evil and lies.
4 Ie exactly where the righteous will be there villains and stumble.
5 And not the "supreme Divine" standards, as God created the world so that people could live and work in it.

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Monday 02 July, 2007

Natan Sharansky - читать все обзоры этого автора

"Pinchas Polonsky's book on the phylosophy of Rav Kook gave me an entirely new insight into Judaism. I have always felt that Judaism should present an approach that refects an agreement berween tradition and our natural ethical feelings - and I was glad to find such an approach. This book is of vital importance to Russian-speaking Jewry's sezrch for spirituality" Natan Sharansky
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