Rabbi Kook. Kabbalah and the New Stage in the Judaism Development

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Catalog number: 03098200
Year: 2006
Pages: 570
Weight: 0.77 kgs
Compiled by: Polonsky, Pinchas
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 17x3x24



Sense and philosophy of religious sionism, the concept of a modernism in orthodox Judaism, application of a cabbala for understanding of the processes occuring today with Jewish people and the state.

The selected fragments from works of r. Kook with new translation.

Rabbi A.Y. Kook: His Personality and Teaching is the first Russian publication which gives an in-depth analysis of the life and ideas of Rabbi Abraham Yitzhak haCohen Kook (1865-1935), a preeminent 20th century Jewish thinker, outstanding proponent of modernity in Orthodox Judaism and founder of contemporary Religious Zionist philosophy.

Section A includes Rabbi Kook's biography and a discussion of his personality

Section examines several of Rabbi Kook's central ideas:
•  The religious significance of the State of Israel
• Modernity and the evolution of ideas in Orthodox Judaism •The  centrality of ethics  in Jewish  religious  thinking  and resolution of the conflict between 1 lalakha and ethics

Section presents the Russian translation and comments of Y. Ben-Shlomo's Poetry of Being: Lectures on the Philosophy of Rabbi Kook, that expounds on basic concepts in Rabbi Kook's metaphysics.

Section D offers a translation and commentary of Rabbi Kook's
selected writings, including excerpts from Arfi/ri lobar. Grot, Duality of Soul and Spirit, Address to the Bezalel Society, the speech at the Hebrew University founding ceremony, and passages on the uniqueness of the New Generation.

Section E contains additional critical and analytical essays that examine Rabbi Rook's complex approach to atheism as well as his
religious tolerance.

The hook concludes with a discussion of Rabbi Rook's religious universalism in Section F, an index, and a selected bibliography.

We hope that this volume will introduce Russian-speaking readers to unfamiliar areas of Jewish thought, and foster a thorough rethinking of their perceptions of Judaism.

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